Love After Lockup Season 6 inmate updates for Chance, Harry, Raydean, Antoine, Martel, Tiffany

Love After Lockup Season 6 inmate updates Raydean, Chance, Tiffany, Martel, Antoine, Harry

In our latest installment of Love After Lockup inmate update charts, we tackle the felonious ladies and gentlemen of Season 6!

WE tv classifies this cast as Love After Lockup Season 4.1. For a full explanation of WE tv’s confusing classification system and ours (with photos and list of couples) you can click here.

If you haven’t seen any of the Starcasm inmate charts before, we provide updates on what happened to all of the inmates featured on the show. Did they get arrested again? Did they remain out of legal trouble and avoid going back to jail? Are they currently in custody?

We try to remain current with these inmate chart posts, as you can tell from the dates in the inmate updates. The charts at the top of the posts are also updated, so you can get a quick overview with just a glance. For more details, keep on reading!

Love After Lockup Season 6 inmate updates


Raydean has been arrested A LOT, but prior to her appearance on Love After Lockup, she only had two serious convictions. She has one felony drug conviction, and she once tried running from the police. Otherwise, there’s nothing too serious — just some marijuana and drug paraphernalia arrests, and a misdemeanor theft conviction.

So, there was reason to be cautiously optimistic that Raydean might be able to steer clear of any more legal troubles. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Raydean was arrested again on October 8, 2022 in her home state of Texas. She was charged with a felony count of meth possession, as well as multiple other misdemeanor drug charges. She posted her $9,500 bond and was released. There is a hearing scheduled for pre-trial motions on June 7.

February 13, 2024 – Raydean pleads guilty to a lesser drug possession charge and is sentenced to one day in jail with one day credit for time served.

Love After Lockup Season 6 cast


Based on what viewers have seen on Life After Lockup, Chance is certainly not in the running for Husband of the Year. However, he has managed to avoid any legal issues and has remained free since being released from prison after robbing a bank and a salon.

December 8, 2023 – Chance (real name Earl Chance Pitt) is arrested for DWI in St. Charles County, Missouri. There isn’t much information available about the arrest or the resulting court case (if there is one).

December 18, 2023 – Chance is arrested for leaving the scene of an accident after his GMC Sierra pickup truck was hit by a semi tractor trailer just after 1AM. It is believed Chance was driving on a suspended license. There are reports online that he ran a stop sign while pulling out onto a four-lane highway. The driver of the semi was hospitalized with serious injuries.

December 28, 2023 – Chance is arrested and charged with stealing a woman’s car. According to the police report, Chance took the woman’s car from a hospital parking lot shortly after his truck crashed. He allegedly found the woman’s credit card and used it to make multiple convenience store purchases. He was arrested when he showed up at the police station to report his truck stolen. Chance posted his $5,000 bond, which was reduced from $25,000, on January 4 and was released. He has a hearing scheduled for February 22.


It’s a good thing for Tiffany that instigating a parking lot weenie knockout isn’t against the law in Texas! I haven’t found any indication that Tiffany has been jailed again after her release featured on Love After Lockup.

Knockout victim Kurtis King was arrested on March 9, 2022 for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, which is a second-degree felony. As a result, he was actually in jail when the episode of Love After Lockup featuring #ThePunch was aired.

Since the March, 2022 arrest, Kurtis has fallen on some seriously hard times. That includes allegedly having pretty much everything he owned stolen by a roommate while Kurtis was in jail. In a recent Instagram story post, Kurtis reveals that he is currently living in his truck and he had to give up his dog.


Martel and Kaylah kinda fell off the radar after their appearance on Love After Lockup. I haven’t found any evidence of Martel being arrested again, but I’m not super confident about that. He’s lived in multiple states, so that makes it a little more difficult to do a thorough check.


Antoine was arrested again not long after his Love After Lockup prison release. However, that arrest was for an outstanding warrant from a 2013 negligent driving charge.

Antoine and Lacey seemed to be defying everyone’s predictions by remaining together and happy. The couple even welcomed their first child, daughter Antoinette, in October of 2022.

Things went south for Antoine in a major way after he was allegedly involved in a hit and run on May 8 of 2023. There was a week-long manhunt, but Antoine was eventually arrested and charged with felony hit and run and a misdemeanor count of exhibiting a firearm with intent to intimidate stemming from the initial incident.

When Antoine was arrested on May 17, he picked up additional felony charges for drug and firearm possession. Antoine posted his bail and is currently awaiting trial.

October 22, 2023 Antoine is arrested after leading police on a chase, crashing Lacey’s car, and then accidentally shooting himself while running away from police on foot. He is charged with felony unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree, misdemeanor DWI, and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. Antoine posted his $30,000 bond on November 14 and is currently awaiting trial.

Love After Lockup Indie's ex Harry Velez arrested again


Indie’s bae Harry was arrested on January 4, 2023 after he was observed “driving erratically, driving left of center and speeding” in downtown Norwalk, Ohio at approximately 4:30AM. The traffic stop did not go well. At all.

After being pepper sprayed and tasered by police, Harry was charged with five felonies, including assault, failure to comply with a police order, possession of a weapon, and improperly handling a firearm in a vehicle.

Harry’s bond was set at $220,000. According to jail records, Harry is still in custody at the time of this post being written. His trial is scheduled for next month. Given the seriousness of his previous conviction for kidnapping and aggravated robbery, Harry is a facing a lengthy sentence if convicted.

July 25, 2023 – Harry pleads guilty to four felonies and misdemeanor OWI. He was later sentenced to 71 months in prison, and that is taking into account some of his sentences were concurrent. Harry was given 205 days credit for time served. The Ohio Department of Corrections currently lists Harry’s “Expected Release Date/Parole Eligibility Date” as December 2, 2028.

Love After Lockup updates for all seasons

Below is a list of the couples from every season of Love After Lockup and Love During Lockup. Click on the Season header for details about the cast and/or that season’s preview trailer. If there is a Starcasm Inmate Chart for that season, there will be a link below the header.


Love After Lockup Season 1 (WE tv Season 1)

INMATE CHART (Who was arrested again, who wasn’t, who’s currently in custody)
Scott Davey and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Kommes
Johnna DiGrigola and Garrett Tanner
Andrea Edwards and Albert “Lamar” Jackson
James Cristia and Alla Subbotina
Mary Dalla Nora and Dominic Dalla Nora
Angela Ables and Antonio “Tony” Wood

Love After Lockup Season 2 cast

Love After Lockup Season 2 (WE tv Season 2.1)

* Angela Ables and Tony Wood
* Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes
Caitlin Gainer and Matthew “Matt” Frasier
Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons and Megan Nash
Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman Brady
Marcelino Santiago and Brittany Santiago
(*Returning cast)

Love After Lockup Season 3 cast

Love After Lockup Season 3 (2.3)

*Angela Ables and Tony Wood
Glorietta Besos and Alex Bentley
Lizzy Copeland and Daniel Valentine
Andrea Sylvester and Lamondre Fluker
Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow and John Slater
Cheryl Childers and Joshua “Josh” Hyatt
Vincent Gonzalez and Amber Eggers and Michelle “Puppy” Deaton

Love After Lockup Season 4 (3.1, 3.3)

Jessica Gipson and Maurice Gipson
Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom
John Miller and Kristianna Roth
Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs
Tyrice Sanders and Chanda Curls
Shavel Rice-Moore and Quaylon Adams
Heather Gillespie and Dylan Smith

Love After Lockup Season 5 cast

Love After Lockup Season 5 (3.5)

Rachel and Douglas “Doug” Howard
Stanley “Stan” Smith and Lisa McGraw
Britney Reed and Raymond “Ray” Ford
Courtney Howard and Josh Howard
Anissa Lewis and Jeffrey “Jeff” Wombles
Daonte Sierra and Nicolle Bradley and Tia Simmons and Nicolle Jr.

Love After Lockup Season 6 cast

Love After Lockup Season 6 (4.1)

**Indierra “Indie” Treadwell and Harry Velez
Tayler George and Chance Pitt
Lacey Rodgers and Antoine Whitaker
Kevin Hale and Tiffany Bolton and Kurtis King
Rick Ryder and Raydean Voight
Kaylah Jackson and Martel
Charlies “Chazz” Harbison and Branwin Jones
(**Returning cast from Love During Lockup)

Love After Lockup Season 7 cast Premieres December 16 2022

Love After Lockup Season 7 (4.4)

**Justine Persaud and Michael “Mike” “Montana Millz” Persaud
**Gabby Nieves and Christopher “Chris” Walker
Nathan Tracy and Skylar Rackley
Ashley Robinson and Travis Bernstein
Monique Robinson and Derek Warner, Jr
Aris Morton and Cameron Morton


Love During Lockup Season 1 couples

Love During Lockup Season 1 (3.7)

Indierra “Indie” Treadwell and Harry Velez
Haley Cole and Dalton Edgin
Gabby Nieves and Christopher “Chris” Walker
Tai Simpson and Julian “Hottie” Beavers and Boston
Santiba Webb and Talsey McCullough
Max and Tara Medlock

Love During Lockup Season 2 (4.3)

*Tai Simpson and Julian “Hottie” Beavers and Boston
Justine Persaud and Mike Persaud
Melissa Picariello and Louis Fojut
Chelsea Gilliam and Michael “Mikey” Harmon
Emily Aschenbach and Dauri Cabrera
Jessica and Dustin Phillips
Mark Wagner and Sincer-A Newton

Love During Lockup Season 3

Jade Chipps and Chris Chipps
LaTisha Collier and Keith “Lil Mike” Collier

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