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Life After Lockup cast photos and couples guide Season 8 2023

WE tv has officially confirmed the couples who will be featured on Life After Lockup Season 8! The new season will feature no fewer than NINE couples, including three first-time Life After Lockup couples and one couple returning after a three-season hiatus.

Keep reading to find out all of the couples featured this season! Plus, watch the preview trailer and get details on what to expect from each couple thanks to the bios released by WE TV!

Love After Lockup Season 6 inmate updates for Chance, Harry, Raydean, Antoine, Martel, Tiffany

In our latest installment of Love After Lockup inmate update charts, we tackle the felonious ladies and gentlemen of Season 6, including Chance, Harry, Raydean, Antoine, Martel, and Tiffany! Keep reading to find out who has stayed out of legal trouble, who was arrested again, and who is currently in custody!