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TEEN MOM Mackenzie McKee’s son starts house fire during live stream

Former Teen Mom 3 and Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee was well known for her dumpster fire marriage to ex Josh McKee, but now she’s making headlines for an actual house fire!

Keep reading to watch Mackenzie’s TikTok live stream, during which her son Gannon set a vase full of flowers on fire! Plus, Mackenzie shares an update explaining what happened.

Farrah Abraham compares her battery case to conflict in Middle East

As we reported earlier, former Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt shop owner Farrah Abraham got some good news in her California battery case after she allegedly slapped an LA club security guard in January of 2022.

Farrah Abraham has since responded to the court case outcome by comparing her altercation with the security guard to the current conflict in the Middle East. “I’m Jerusalem & security is Hummus lying with terrorism tactics that fail,” Farrah wrote. Yes, she wrote “Hummus” instead of Hamas.

Farrah Abraham battery arrest update: community service and diversion

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had another court date this week in regards to her battery charge after allegedly slapping a club security guard in January of 2022. Farrah’s arrest went viral after video was released of security having to pin her down to the sidewalk while waiting for police to arrive.

Keep reading for the results from the hearing, which seemed to go in Farrah’s favor.

TEEN MOM Catelynn & Tyler’s Octagon House is for sale

Here’s your chance to own a HUGE part of Teen Mom history! Catelynn Baltierra and Tyler Baltierra are selling their famous “Octagon House,” which has been featured on numerous seasons of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Keep reading for details, including the price and photos from the listing. Plus, photos and details on Catelynn and Tyler’s new, much bigger house!

TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards had personal connections to multiple judges in his cases?

During his sentencing last week, Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards was called “a very fine young man” and “not a bad person” by the judge. It was later revealed that Ryan and the judge’s daughter have been friends since high school. And this wasn’t the first case where Ryan had close personal connections to a judge in one of his criminal cases!

TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards overdosed while driving prior to arrest, MTV was paying for his rehab in TX REPORTS

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards is back behind bars in Tennessee, despite the fact that he is supposed to be in court-mandated (and MTV-funded) rehab in Texas. Ryan was arrested Friday after police reportedly found him “unconscious and unresponsive” in the driver’s seat of his truck “with the vehicle running and in drive.”

Ryan is facing new charges of driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. In addition, his prior charges of harassment and possession of a controlled substance have been reopened.

Farrah Abraham has to ‘fix’ her face after ‘face robbery’

In yet another Farrahtrulescent one-star Yelp review, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham trashes an Austin, Texas salon by accusing the “none skilled injectors” who worked there of “face robbery” for ruining her face.

Thankfully, Farrah was able to get someone in New York to “fix” her face just in time for her “special film project.”

Keep reading for Farrah’s full review, lots of “face robbery” photos, and our educated theory on what Farrah’s “special film project” might be!