LOVE DURING LOCKUP Season 2 cast photos, bios and preview trailer

Love During Lockup Season 2

WE tv’s Love After After Lockup sibling Love During Lockup is returning for a new season on Friday, October 21 at 9/8c! To help get you ready for the incarceration infatuation invasion we’ve got a dramatic preview trailer as well as photos and bios of all the couples featured this season!

Lawdy, lawd! That looks like a whole mess! As I’m sure Love During Lockup Season 1 viewers are aware, there is just one couple returning for the sophomore season. That’s right… Hottie’s girl is back! We will start with the familiar faces and bios for Tai and Hottie, then we will move on to the other couples.

Love During Lockup Tai and Hottie
Tai and Hottie and…
The ultimate serial inmate dater, Tai (Buffalo, NY), is back! Despite her friends trying to get to the bottom of why such a catch always goes for troubled men, Tai continues pursuing jailbirds including her #1 inmate Hottie, who proposes even though Tai has met his girlfriend, Boston. Never a man’s second choice and with options aplenty, Tai is also talking to inmate BB and new squeeze Dough Boy when her boss at the funeral home, Rinaldo, starts to have feelings for her and urges Tai to go for a safe choice like him. How will Tai juggle her engagement, several inmate boyfriends, and a free world man? Will one of her locked-up lovers find out about her secret relationship on the outside?

Love During Lockup Chelsea and Mike
Chelsea and Mike
Battling a feeling of loneliness, Chelsea (Richwood, OH) found herself checking out a Facebook inmate pen pal group, where she met Michael. Ever determined, Michael began to teach himself ASL to connect with Chelsea – a feat no man had ever attempted for Chelsea, who is deaf. Only having communicated in 30-second videograms and letters, she hopes a planned prison visit will give them the chance to meet face-to-face so they can finally sign in person. But will the surprising secret she learns about Michael during their first visit doom the relationship?

Love During Lockup Emily and Dauri
Emily and Dauri
Falling in love with an inmate was the last thing Emily (Union, NJ) expected, especially amid pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. However, after connecting with the charming Dauri, via a pen pal ad, it now seems like this powerhouse will let anything slide, even scams and cheating – but only if it comes with a big ring… that she’s using his stimulus money to buy! Though they’ve been together for four years, Emily has never actually seen Dauri in person and their friends can’t help but question her choices and if she’s hiding something or doing some scamming of her own. Could the non-con be conning the inmate this time?

Love During Lockup Melissa and Louie
Melissa and Louie
“Jersey Girl” Melissa’s (Atlantic Highlands, NJ) quest for prince charming had come up short, until one day at work as a mail carrier, she came across inmate letters. This led her to an unexpected prison pen pal of her own… her old high school crush, Louie. Though these love birds have crossed paths in the past, they ran in separate circles and Melissa couldn’t resist this opportunity to re-connect. Facing overall disapproval from her outspoken family, her father’s refusal to walk her down the aisle, and feelings of loneliness that lead her to a prison wives group… Melissa remains madly in love and determined to move to Georgia to be finally be with bad boy Louie.

Love During Lockup Jessica and Dustin
Jessica and Dustin
After a messy divorce, Jessica (Jacksonville, FL) pursued a career in Corrections Nursing as a way to get over her ex and have a sense of control over men. Then, everything changed when she met inmate Dustin and she chose to sacrifice her career to follow her heart. Although she lost her job, Jessica gained the love of her life and is now ready to uproot her life and move to Tennessee to be with him after his release – but not without meeting his family first.

Love During Lockup Mark and Sincer-a
Mark and Sincer-a
Mark (Las Vegas, Nevada) is an ambitious man with two businesses and love of travel and adventure. Despite his busy schedule, Mark has set aside time to find “the one.” After months of failed dating app connections, Mark came across an inmate pen pal group on Facebook and his natural curiosity led him down a rabbit hole. What started on a whim has turned into a quest for love and Mark is sure there are incredible women who are his type – “crazy girls” – waiting for him. Never one to put all his eggs in one basket, using multiple prison pen pal groups, this bachelor hopes of one day turning an emotional connection into a physical one.
Sincer-a is one of the female inmates Mark will be courting this season. She is currently serving 130 months in prison after she and her boyfriend broke into her grandmother’s house, shot it up, handcuffed her grandmother and another woman, and stole a bunch of stuff — including more guns.

Love During Lockup Justine and Michael
Justine and Michael
There is one couple featured in the trailer that was not included in the WE tv press release announcing the new season. This is another male inmate and a woman on the outside. There is a scene in the trailer in which the woman is at a restaurant holding a cell phone while a man’s voice is heard on speakerphone saying: “Me and Justine are getting married.” That is why I guessed that her name is Justine here. I will update the post as soon as we know more!

UPDATE – The couple is Justine (originally from Pawtucket, RI) and Michael. Michael’s full name is Michael Persaud, but he is better known by his rapper name, Montana Millz. Michael’s 2016 arrest made international headlines, so I’m guessing that is why WE tv was trying to keep him a secret for now? You can click here to find out all about Michael’s arrest, as well as his current incarceration status!

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