Love After Lockup Dustin stalked Jessica and her bf, arrested after crashing stolen motorcycle while fleeing police

Love During Lockup Jessica and Dustin

Love During Lockup Season 2 inmate Dustin Phillips has been arrested multiple times since his appearance on the show. More astonishing than the number of arrests Dustin has racked up in the last two years is the number of times he has been released in the last two years! Currently, his release count is one less than his arrest count.

Jessica and Dustin recap

As a quick refresher for Love During Lockup fans, Dustin was the bad boy Prince Charming of Jessica, a divorced mother of two from Florida. Jessica was willing to leave her life in Florida behind to relocate to Tennessee, where Dustin was serving his time in prison.

Jessica was so committed to her committed boo that she got a HUGE tattoo of his last name on her abdomen.

Love During Lockup Jessica's Dustin Phillips tattoo

After Dustin’s release, things went south fairly quickly. And by “went south” I mean that Jessica caught Dustin in their bed with another woman. After choking Jessica, Dustin stole Jessica’s truck and drove off with the other woman. He led police on a high-speed chase and was eventually caught and arrested. This all happened in February of 2023.

Jessica moved back to Florida and eventually started dated another convicted felon with a rather extensive arrest record.

Dustin also moved to Florida, where the former lovebirds’ paths would cross again. And again.

Jessica and boyfriend get protection order against Dustin

Dustin Phillips couldn’t seem to let bygones be bygones when it came to Jessica. The end result was Jessica and her new ex-con bae had to file injunctions for protection against stalking in January.

In Jessica’s injunction filing she describes Dustin’s arrest in Tennessee after he choked her and stole her truck. She claims special forces had to be called in during the chase because Dustin was a violent felon.

Jessica also claims that Dustin moved to Jacksonville, Florida “to follow me.” She points out that Dustin has been arrested multiple times in Nassau County, Florida, but he has never been extradited to Tennessee despite having warrants for his arrest there.

In the filing, Jessica says Dustin threatened her, her daughters, and her boyfriend. Here are some quote Jessica attributes to Dustin:

OK when I’m sitting in your apartment complex parking lot on the back of your car in the morning when you wake up to go take your lil stupid a** to work, I don’t wanna hear, ‘What are you doing here? Why are you doing this to me?’

Your b*tch a** isn’t going to know what to do when I’m sittin gon the stairs when y’all come home or wake up.

I would destroy you if I put my f***ing hands on you. I would beat you to a bloody f***ing pulp.

Love During Lockup Jessica's boyfriend Dustin arrested again

Jessica says Dustin has flatly told her that he doesn’t care about going back to prison — a claim that is easy to verify.

Jessica’s boyfriend also filed for an injunction for protection against stalking in regards to Dustin. He states in the filing that he fears for his life after the numerous threats made by Dustin against him, Jessica, her daughters, and his son.

The filing also reveals that Dustin threatened to give himself a black eye and blame it on Jessica’s boyfriend!

Both injunctions were granted on January 23. They will remain active until January of 2025.

Love During Lockup Jessica's ex Dustin Phillips arrest August 2023

Dustin arrested after another police chase

After the protection order for stalking was in place against Dustin, he managed to avoid legal trouble for a while. That ended on June 4.

According to Dustin’s arrest report, he was on a motorcycle and attempting to flee a traffic stop in Florida late in the evening on June 4.

Here’s an account from the arresting officer after a bolo was issued for Dustin:

At approximately 2330 hrs, I observed a motorcycle matching the description of the bolo (black motorcycle with male wearing tan jacket). The suspect was driving extremely fast and had no front or rear lights illuminated. I observed it run a solid red light at New Berlin Rd and N Main. There was an off duty police officer working a road construction job that the suspect may have felt was trying to stop him because the suspect abruptly turned onto the west bound on ramp of 295S.

The suspect was carrying too much speed and collided with the concrete wall on the on ramp. The motorcycle looked disabled but the suspect continued on 295S. I activated my emergency lights and siren. The suspect looked back at me and continued at a high rate of speed despite the motorcycle visibly coming apart.

The suspect traveled for a few hundred yards and then crashed into several construction barricades on 295S. I then pulled over, secured the suspect in handcuffs and rendered aid until JFRD arrived.

The 2009 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle Dustin was on was stolen. As a result of his two-wheeled joy ride and crash, he is currently facing the following charges:





Dustin is currently in custody with his bond set at $15,000. The amount seems extremely low for someone with such an extensive criminal history facing two felony counts!

Dustin is scheduled to be arraigned on June 27.

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