Love During Lockup Chelsea’s boyfriend Michael’s charges, mug shot photos

Love During Lockup Chelsea's boyfriend Mikey arrest info

On the most recent episode of Love During Lockup, Chelsea visits a lawyer to find out more about what her options are in regards to the stroke suffered by her inmate boyfriend, Michael.

During their conversation, the attorney pulls up the criminal charges that 32-year-old Michael is serving time for and Chelsea is shooketh to find out there are multiple felonies.

“We’re talking about all the charges that Mikey has and I’m, like, ‘God****, how many felonies do you have Mikey?'” Chelsea signs. “I had no clue,” she adds.

In addition to being unaware what her inmate boyfriend had been charged with, Chelsea is also unaware of Michael’s criminal history. “I did not know that Mikey had been in prison more than once,” she reveals after the lawyer brings up a previous conviction.

Chelsea then suggests that she doesn’t know anything about Michael’s criminal side because he doesn’t like to talk (or sign) about it. “To be honest, I don’t think Mikey likes when I ask him a bunch of questions.”

Let me get this straight… Chelsea is dating an inmate in prison (not jail — prison) and she has no idea what he’s serving time for or if he has a criminal history?! And she doesn’t know because he doesn’t like to answer a bunch of questions? And she has multiple children — at least one of which lives with her?!

Love During Lockup Chelsea

Michael’s Felony Charges

Yo! Chelsea! You can be deaf and still use Google! Once you know Michael’s last name, it takes little to no effort at all to find out ALL KINDS of information about his current charges and criminal history.

Here are the charges that Michael is currently serving time for:
Identity Theft Without Consent
Class D Felony
Sentence: 5 Years

Receiving Stolen Property
Class D Felony
Sentence: 5 Years

1st Degree Criminal Mischief
Class D Felony
Sentence: 5 Years

Tampering With Physical Evidence
Class D Felony
Sentence: 5 Years
1st Degree Bail Jumping
Class D Felony
Sentence: 1 Year

Michael’s Criminal History And Mug Shots

Love During Lockup Chelsea's boyfriend Mikey's arrest history and mug shot photos
In addition to finding out about Michael’s current charges, it was VERY easy to find some of his past arrest information and mug shot photos as well. Michael has been arrested A LOT since he turned 19!

Kentucky court records can be a bit difficult, so I am unsure on Michael’s convictions. However, his list of charges associated with the arrests and mug shot photos above include (but are not limited to) the following:
• Multiple counts of burglary
• Multiple counts of theft
• Multiple counts of criminal mischief
• Multiple counts of tampering with evidence

• Multiple probation violations

• Meth possession

• Giving an officer a false ID
• Contempt of court
• Failure to appear

Despite Michael’s expansive arrest history, I think it is important to point out that he only has one drug charge that I could find. Also, I didn’t see any charges involving violence or possession of a weapon.

When Will Michael Be Released?

Chelsea mentions on the show that Michael is scheduled to be released in five to six months. So, when is his actual release date?

We previously did a post detailing the projected release dates for all of the inmates featured on Love During Lockup Season 2. Here is an excerpt from the section about Michael:

Mike is currently incarcerated at the Roederer Correctional Complex in Kentucky. The Kentucky Department of Corrections lists Mike’s “institution start date” as August 12, 2019. His parole eligibility date is February 1, 2023 and his “good time release date” is October 27, 2029. The site lists Mike’s “maximum expiration of sentence date” as March 9, 2035.

I assume the February 1, 2023 parole date is the one Chelsea is referencing.

Did Michael File a Lawsuit Against the Prison?

Chelsea and Michael’s mom spoke with the attorney about potentially suing Michael’s prison because of how they handled his stroke. The lawyer gave the case about a 10% chance of resulting in an actual settlement.

However, the lawyer also informed the ladies that it would likely cost roughly $1,500 to file the lawsuit. That seemed like a huge stumbling block for Chelsea, who admits on the show that she “struggles with money.” (I assume that means she doesn’t have any of the money left over from her insurance claim after a house fire — the same money that she sued her dad over.)

Did Michael end up suing the prison? I could find no evidence of a civil (or criminal) case filed against the prison or the State of Kentucky on behalf of Michael. The only entries for Michael in the Kentucky Courts database list him as a defendant, not the Plaintiff.

NOTE: There could be a lawsuit, but I couldn’t find it.

To find out how Chelsea and Mikey’s relationship plays out, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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