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MY 600 LB LIFE Syreeta Covington turned to food to cope with childhood abuse

Many My 600 lb. Life stories deal with ups and downs when it comes to the amount of weight loss Dr. Now requires to continue the surgery. Some participants are almost completely noncompliant and defensive. Syreeta Covington’s approach to Dr. Now’s program was a slow and steady progression that ultimately didn’t result in a surgery at the end of the episode. But, Syreeta lost a total of 79 lbs. after reaching a high weight of 603 lb.

MY 600 LB LIFE Lashanta’s boyfriend J.T. left her because she wanted to lose weight

Mother of four Lashanta White had been bedbound for two years when she sought weight loss help from Dr. Nowzardaran of My 600 lb. Life. Her life was in a constant state of misery, she had limited mobility, and was in considerable pain. Once she started making a little progress in her program, however, her boyfriend J.T. left because he felt he wouldn’t be attracted to her if she lost weight.

MY 600-LB LIFE Is Lindsey Witte still with husband Paul? Plus weight loss update

Lindsey Witte is one of My 600-LB Life‘s success stories. She appeared on Season 8, Episode 2, which first aired in 2020. Lindsay had a troubled childhood and has been severely overweight she was only five years old. When she weighed in at Dr. Now’s office she weighed 647.6 pounds at 39 years old. We last updated you about how Lindsey was doing in early 2021. How’s Lindsey doing now?