LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Johnna & Garrett updates: he announces ‘new show’ while she moves to another state

Garrett Tanner Love After Lockup Season 2

It appears that Love After Lockup‘s bearded #hotfelon Garrett Tanner will be making his return to television! The soon-to-be 26-year-old Garrett took to Instagram earlier today to show off a stack of $100 bills that he says was a “signing bonus” for a “new show.”

Here are the two clips, cropped down from their taller Instagram stream versions:

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“Big signing bonus, big signing bonus y’all!” Garrett says, at the beginning of the first clip. He says some other stuff that I can’t quite make out as he spreads the bills on his forearm.

In the next clip, he starts thumbing through his stack (which looks to be at least $6,000), as he announces: “New show coming soon. Big signing bonus. Big things coming.”

WE tv announced back in February that they had renewed Love After Lockup for a second expanded season. At the time, though, it was unclear whether the show’s sophomore run would feature all returning cast members, no returning cast members, or a mixture of returning and new.

Then, in early March, Garrett’s Love After Lockup co-star James appeared on the Nation of Recap podcast, and revealed, what he knew about the upcoming season:

I’ll tell you guys exactly what I’ve heard from the producers. So, there is going to be a Season 2. They said that they do not know yet whether they are going to have all new cast, have old cast, or have a hybrid cast. I keep in contact with Johnna and Mary, and both of them have heard the same thing from the producers as well. I can’t speak for Andrea and Scott, but I would imagine if Mary and Johnna have heard this, and I have, then it’s probably the same for all the cast.

When I talked to the producers, what they told me is that they’re going to do market research and that — I don’t know what that means, whether it’s just somebody who just sits in front of Twitter or what — but they said come April they’ll have the results of that research ready and they’re going to know whether they’re going to ask any couples to return. So as of yet, none of us have been asked to return, so we really don’t know.

Love After Lockup James eyes

I would imagine, if I were a betting man, I’d say that I think it’s going to be a hybrid cast.

I do know that, umm… actually I shouldn’t say it, it’s kind of a spoiler. It’s going to get out anyways — Tony was released. I’m sure the information is going to be on Starcasm anyways.

James mentioned April, which lines right up with Garrett getting his signing bonus now. And, late last week, a photo with a #LoveAfterLockup hashtag posted by a crew member filming in Las Vegas appeared on the Love After Lockup subreddit late last week.

I agree with James’ speculation that producers would elect to bring at least some of the old cast members back because they had sooooo many folks that were genuinely unique and entertaining — including Garrett. Many viewers don’t like him — and you may be one of them — but he is most certainly entertaining! Plus, there’s a chance the show will rope in Garrett’s strip club cashier bae, “Miss Natural” Nelly, to star with him!

Garrett is a shoo-in to return, in my opinion, and I can’t imagine that he got as much money as he is showing off in the videos to do anything except star in second season of Love After Lockup. Although this is WE tv, so it’s possible he finagled some sort of relationship Boot Camp show or something — but I highly doubt it.

Oh, and I guess we shouldn’t rule out a potential foray into adult film! Vivid Entertainment is quite famous for pitching lucrative deals to reality stars; given Garrett’s #hotfelon moniker, he might merit an offer. #LustAfterLoveAfterLockup (Though I highly doubt that, too.)

I enjoy watching Garrett on the show, although I can’t say I’m that fond of him personally. To his credit, he passed his one-year jail-release anniversary back in March, and I confess that I would have lost that bet! Especially after I found out that he was with Nelly when she was arrested for felony drug possession back in December! (I figured that would be an automatic parole violation right there.)

And if you’re wondering how Garrett’s ex-fiancee Johnna DiGrigoli is doing now, the answer is ALL GREAT! She packed her bags and moved to the great city of Austin, where she was able to find a job quickly and now seems to genuinely be enjoying the post-Garrett single life. Johnna hasn’t posted stacks of “signing bonus” bills yet. But that doesn’t mean anything, because I’m guessing she isn’t the type to react that way.

Here’s how Johnna summed up her current situation on her Instagram stream this past Thursday:

Love After Lockup Johnna DiGrigoli update - living in Austin TX

Despite moving on from Garrett in a major way, I can’t help but think this tweet from Johnna was in response to his “signing bonus” money videos:

UPDATE – Johnna’s house in Florida sold and her post about it is DEFINITELY a response to Garrett’s “signing bonus!” Here’s Johnna’s post: “The good news just keeps coming…MY HOUSE WAS OFFICIALLY SOLD TODAY!!! Stay tuned for a video of me fanning my profit. #justkidding ? I guess sometimes I’m more sassy than classy. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! ?”

Congratulations to Johnna! I live near Austin as well, so I might have to hit her up and buy her some Torchy’s Tacos! I wonder if she knows that 90 Day Fiance superstar Mohamed Jbali is currently hanging out here as well? I smell a Love After ‘Nullment spin-off!

Meanwhile, we will certainly keep our ears to the ground and let our readers know if we hear anything more concrete about Love After Lockup Season 2!

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