VIDEO Love After Lockup cast, trailer and premiere date

Love After Lockup Garrett Johnna quote When you were in prison you were one person and now that you're out you're a different person

WE tv announced last month that they would soon be premiering a brand new reality series from the producers of 90 Day Fiance in which the cast members aren’t looking for love outside of the country, but inside prison walls. The show is titled Love After Lockup, and we now have our first preview trailer and a release date!

Here’s the trailer, in which we get to meet the cast members for the first time:

And here are the deets on all the jailovebirds:

Love After Lockup Johnna and hot mug shot guy Garrett
JOHNNA and GARRETT from Tampa, Florida

Johnna enlisted the help of wine and the internet to find love, which led her to Garrett’s sexy mug shot photo. Garrett was serving a seven-year sentence for burglary, grand theft, and several other counts, but Johnna believes he is a changed man and fully committed to her. Johnna’s dad doesn’t seem to agree — and it doesn’t help that Johnna seems to be in a mad rush to walk down the aisle!

UPDATE – Johnna has clarified her relationship history with Garrett, which began well before he went to prison. Plus, we compiled a gallery of Garrett’s AND JOHNNA’S mug shot photos!

Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar
ANDREA and LAMAR from Lehi, Utah

Andrea is a Mormon single mother of three who is going to have a hard time getting her friends and family (and the Mormon community) to accept her boo Lamar, who is a former up-and-coming (down-and-going?) rapper finishing up an 18-year sentence. Seemingly making Andrea’s task of achieving prison bae acceptance even harder is the fact that Lamar wants to try to restart his rap career when he gets out. Click here to find out more about Lamar’s legit rap career before his incarceration, and click here to find out what other reality show featured Andrea and her daughter Nyla!

Love After Lockup Alla and James
ALLA and JAMES from Chicago, Illinois

Alla is a former model serving five years for selling heroin. James fell head over heels for Alla’s good looks, and later her sense of humor and vivacious personality revealed through letter writing as pen pals. The only thing is, James has been keeping his love a secret from his overbearing family, so there are going to most certainly be some fireworks when he breaks the news!

Love After Lockup Scott and Lizzie
SCOTT & LIZZIE from Oxnard, California

Scott and Lizzie are yet another penpal love story, as they first met through the prison letter writing site Lizzie is apparently all-too-familiar with pitching pen woo as she admits to using her romantic skills to entice men to send her money before Scott. But, she insists that Scott is her true love and that the roughly $20,000 he has sent her was a solid investment. Scott’s friends, family, and pretty much everyone who watched the trailer above all have their doubts. (On a side note, I’m pretty sure Scott is the pilot from Lost.) 😉

UPDATE – Lizzie is no stranger to national attention as her 5th DUI arrest garnered national attention in 2008. Click here to find out why her story was crazy enough to to go viral and appear on sites like Perez Hilton and here to find out about her continued struggles (and numerous fundraising campaigns) while behind bars!

WE tv Love After Lockup couple
MARY and DOMINIC, from Toronto, Ontario

Mary and Dominic knew each other briefly before Dominic had a night at the club go south, resulting in a fight and six years behind bars for aggravated assault. “Mary has patiently remained by his side, waiting to pick up where they left off,” the network reveals. “However, prison has changed the former ‘bad boy’ in ways Mary never imagined…Was Dominic worth the wait?” (Hmmmm… I’m guessing he’s either gay or very religious now — I doubt both.)

Love After Lockup Angela
ANGELA and TONY from Grenada Mississippi

Angela and Tony also fell in love the old fashioned prison way — via letter writing. Angela suffered a tragic loss with the death of an ex, and since that time she has dated more than one person serving time in federal prison. Tony is 13 years younger than Angela, and she adamantly insists he is the one. One bump in the road, however, is that Angela has a son closer in age to Tony than she is, and he is a bit dismayed to find out about his potential new step-dad. We gathered up some more info on Angela here.

It definitely looks like this show will be bringing the drama! I’m all about some over-the-top romantic train wrecks, but I also hope the show capitalizes on the potential to tell some very genuine stories of love and forgiveness. Just based on the trailer, I am optimistic that it will be an addictive mixture of both that will have people (and blogs like ours) chatting in a frenzy after each episode.

Love After Lockup premieres Friday, January 12 at 10/9C on WE tv.

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