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90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen foreclosure update, plus Sarah Jessen divorce and lawsuit updates

We’ve got an update on the foreclosure proceedings against 90 Day Fiance star Michael Jessen in regards to the $1.19 million house he purchased while filming for the show. Plus, updates on the divorce between Michael’s ex Sarah Jessen and her rapper husband Sean Naso, who reportedly had something going on with Michael’s ex-wife Juliana while they were all living together in Michael’s $1.19 million house. Oh, and then there’s the civil lawsuit against Sean and Sarah after he crashed Sarah’s truck into somebody back in 2019.

Yara’s friends think she’s too good for Jovi and Jovi thinks they would be divorced without Mylah

During the first episode of Happily Ever After Jovi and Yara immediately start fighting about Yara going out that night to party with her friends. Last season Yara had just had their daughter Mylah and the COVID-19 pandemic was still new so she was staying in all the time, which frustrates Jovi. Now that life is more back to normal in many ways for Yara, she’s starting to go out, but not with her husband.

Jovie made the bold statement that if they didn’t have their daughter Mylah they would already be divorced. He also referred to their situation as being “stuck” because of their daughter. Meanwhile, Yara’s friends are hyping her up and telling her that she’s too good for Jovi. Are they headed to divorce?