Which Love After Lockup convicts have been arrested again? Seasons 1 and 2

Love After Lockup Seasons 1 and 2 cast inmates

It’s been three-and-a-half years since WE tv’s prison romance reality series Love After Lockup made its debut in January of 2018. During that time, the show has featured 29 ex-convicts hoping to find love after lockup. That number increases if you include non-official cast members like Lacey’s boo John and Amber’s bunkie Puppy.

With roughly 30 former inmates, it becomes very difficult for fans to keep up with which cast members managed to stay out of jail, which ones were arrested again, and which ones are currently back behind bars. I’ve written every one of the 268 Love After Lockup articles published on Starcasm over the years, and I confess that even I have difficulty keeping up!

So, I have decided to put together a series of posts documenting the recidivism for all of the inmates featured on the show. The posts will include easy-to-read graphics as well as information about the inmates’ arrests after appearing on the show — complete with links. Due to the sheer number of inmates and arrests, I will need to split the posts up into seasons. Unfortunately, WE tv has elected to break the series down into seasons that don’t make any sense whatsoever, so I will use a more logical system that is more in line with cast turnover.

This first post will combine the first two seasons of the show because there were only 10 total inmates featured. (That number increases to 11 if we include Clint Brady, as I have done below.)

Here are the links to our recidivism charts for the other seasons. I think fans will clearly see that our method of breaking down the seasons makes much more sense:

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Which Love After Lockup inmates have been arrested again?

Season One

Love After Lockup Season 1 inmates Who was arrested again? Who stayed out of jail?

Garrett Tanner
Garrett turned out to be a pretty terrible fiance for Johnna DiGrigoli. (Does anyone else remember all the “Natural” Nelly girlfriend drama?) But, let’s give give credit where credit is due. If I had been forced to bet on whether or not Garrett would stay out of jail and/or prison, I definitely would have bet against him. However, aside from a careless driving incident and Nelly’s marijuana possession arrest (with a mystery man that was probably Garrett in the vehicle with her), Garrett has had no run-ins with the law that I am aware of.

Garrett has since relocated to New York, and he briefly made some extra coin with an Only Fans account. Here’s an update post from Garrett on Instagram made in March of 2020:

Been home from prison for 3 years today!! I’m Blessed!! I was in prison from 2010-2017 came home March 24th!!! Even though me Nelly don’t speak she played a big roll in helping me stay grounded and keeping me out of the streets. My Family has been here for me through it all!! I have some good friends and I appreciate al my followers too!!! God is good!! 🙏🏼💯 #blessed #free #nomorechaingang And my PRR is up today!! No enhancements!!! No mandatory sentence!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Lizzie Kommes
Lizzie seemed to be well on her way to a happily ever after with a full-time factory job and claims of being completely sober. However, a recent tumultuous relationship resulted in multiple arrests and Lizzie’s admission that she has not been sober at all. She’s recently returned to posting bikini photos (with ankle monitor) and snapshots of her daily devotional on Instagram. Only time will tell if Lizzie has truly left her troubled times behind this time.
Lizzie arrest 1, Lizzie arrest 2, Lizzie arrest 3

Tony Wood
As documented on screen, Tony’s love of prostitutes and freedom inspired him to miss his halfway house curfew in April of 2018. Tony went on the lam and used his cunning and guile to elude police for three whole days. To Tony’s credit, he managed to travel nearly 2,000 miles before being apprehended in Reno, Nevada.

Amazingly, Tony’s arrest in Reno was his last to date. However, his love of prostitutes and freedom have inspired him to travel once again. According to Angela, Tony took their car plus $4,000 of her money and ran off to Idaho where his mother lives. Will he be able to stay out of legal trouble? Stay tuned.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar served the longest time in prison of any of the Love After Lockup inmates — by far. 18 years for armed robbery! As perhaps the best example from the show of folks deserving a second chance, Lamar has seemingly been living well. Personally, I give a huge amount of credit to Andrea’s AMAZING kids!

UPDATE – According to Andrea (and WE tv producers) Lamar was arrested on a parole violation and served at least five months before being released again.

Dominic Dalla Nora
Canadian Dom was involved in a brutal bar fight in 2009 that resulted in a six-year sentence for aggravated assault. To be honest, I don’t feel like we got to know Dom very well on the show, mostly due to him being kind of reserved (aside from some of his disagreements with Mary). Since his prison release featured on the show, Dom has had no legal troubles that I am aware of.

Given that we didn’t get to know Dom that well, I honestly had no opinion on his chances of remaining out of jail and/or prison. However, given what we saw of his relationship with Mary, I was anything but optimistic about their chances of staying together. Boy was I wrong! The couple are still married, and Mary announced just last month that she is currently pregnant with their second child. Dom and Mary have definitely been one of the show’s happiest ever afters!

Alla Subbotina
As viewers of Love After Lockup Season 1 know, Alla returned to prison not long after her release due to her drug addiction issues. She was released from prison again on Christmas Eve of 2019, but she was back behind bars just four weeks later. After serving roughly a year and a half, Alla was released again in early July of this year.
Alla’s parents revealed early this month that Alla passed away from an apparent drug overdose on August 7. She was just 31 years old.

Season Two

Love After Lockup Season 2 inmates - Who was arrested again?

Michael Simmons
Love After Lockup Lothario Michael Simmons managed to remain out of police custody for roughly seven months before being arrested for felony narcotics possession in December of 2018. From our previous post about Michael’s sentencing:

Luckily for Michael, his attorney was able to swing a plea deal. In exchange for Michael’s guilty plea, the prosecutor was willing to drop the charge from felony possession of cocaine to misdemeanor use of cocaine. According to court records, the plea deal was accepted last week. As a result, Michael was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but that sentence was suspended.

This drug possession arrest happened while Michael was filming for the show, but producers kind of skirted it for some reason. We saw Michael getting into trouble for being late to a meeting with his parole officer or something like that?

In November of 2020, Michael found himself in jail again in Florida — this time for felony child neglect. Details from our post after obtaining the police report from the incident:

The very brief summary is that Michael was responsible for watching a young male child (the child’s age was redacted from the report) at a Daytona Beach hotel. Michael left for more than five hours, during which time a witness saw the unsupervised child “rotate from the beach to the pool deck, go into the ocean, pool and Jacuzzi alone, and play with another hotel guests’ child on the beach.”

The young boy eventually approached hotel staff and asked for food. When the hotel manager ascertained that the child was unsupervised, a call to 911 was placed. Michael later told police that he went to get the child “gummy snacks” and his car broke down. As a result, the child was left unsupervised at the hotel from roughly 2PM until roughly 7:15PM.

Once again, Michael managed to come away with what seems like a VERY light sentence. From our post about his sentencing:

A Volusia County judge handed down the verdict on Wednesday after Michael entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to the charge. The neglect of a child statute Michael violated is a third degree felony. He was sentenced to two days in jail with credit for two days time served, which means he didn’t have to spend any additional time behind bars.

Michael was ordered to pay $769 in fines and costs. Aside from the 2-day sentence (which Michael already served when he was arrested) and the fines and costs, there doesn’t appear to be any other punishment. I read through the six-page sentencing document multiple times and there is nothing about probation or even mandatory parenting classes.

December 29, 2021 – Michael is arrested in Florida and charged with being a fugitive from justice. The Volusia County Department of Corrections website states that Michael was released on January 20, 2022. It’s unclear if he was transferred to another facility due to the warrant. I’ve updated the chart to indicate that he is currently out of jail until I can confirm otherwise.

Brittany Santiago
Love After Lockup has had several success stories in terms of ex convicts managing to find love and remain out of prison, but none shine brighter than Brittany. I should point out that part of the “shining” I am talking about is the fact that Brittany and Marcelino have appeared numerous times on the Love After Lockup spin-off series Life After Lockup, so their happily ever after has remained in the public spotlight. (Unlike season 1 couple Mary and Dom, who have a similar happy ending that is playing out off screen.)

Brittany’s past was a brutal one, including her childhood and early adult years. Her prison sentence was due to a conviction stemming from her involvement in a horrendous crime that initially had her facing multiple felonies, including attempted murder and first-degree kidnapping.

Despite all of that darkness, Brittany has found light with Marcelino. In addition to getting full custody of her son, Giovanni, Brittany and Marcelino have welcomed two more children. As will be featured on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup, the two recently purchased their dream home — a $425,000 2,791 square foot house near Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, Brittany’s bunkie bestie Sascha is not enjoying a similar happily ever after. In May of 2019, Sascha was sentenced to 10-36 years in prison after pleading guilty to four felony charges stemming from a botched home invasion in 2013 that left two people dead and another injured.

Matt Frasier
Since his appearance on Love After Lockup, Caitlin’s prison-loving bae Matt has been arrested so many times I can’t even begin to try to recap it here. You can click on pretty much any of the stories from our Matt Frasier category and find a timeline of his arrests with links. Obviously, the most recent posts will have the most updated timelines.

After his numerous arrests and the resulting court delays, Matt finally had his day in court to face the music in February of this year. He was sentenced to a total of more than 37 years in prison. From our post about his sentencing:

Matt looks to have worked out a plea deal, which resulted in at least 15 pending charges against him dropped. Unfortunately, that still left 8 charges that he was found guilty of. According to court records, the combined sentence for all of the charges is 474 months, with credit for time served. That equates to a little less than 38 years.

I assume that Matt will be serving the sentences concurrently, which means that the actual time he is required to spend behind bars relies on the single charge with the longest sentence. That would be 116 months (9 years, 8 months) stemming from an armed home invasion in August. According to the police report, Matt allegedly pointed a gun at a mother and her son during the attempted burglary of her home.

It’s unclear just how much of Matt’s 116-month sentence he will serve before being eligible for parole — and another season of Love After Lockup.

Tracie Wagaman

Tracie’s story is a tragic one. As I’m sure most fans of Love After Lockup are aware, Tracie was found dead in her hotel room in Las Vegas in early July, just one week after giving birth to her second child, a baby girl that she placed for adoption. The coroner later determined that her cause of death was methamphetamine toxicity.

Prior to her passing, Tracie had several run-ins with the law stemming from her drug addiction issues. As featured on the show, she was arrested soon after her faux wedding ceremony with Clint in Houston just after her initial prison release. (She and Clint would later officially get married in Las Vegas.)

In August of 2019, Tracie was arrested for drug possession in Texas. Six months later, after Tracie reportedly left rehab early, she was booked for DWI in Texas.

Clint Brady
Clint wasn’t officially the ex-con in his relationship with Tracie, but he did have a criminal record of his own. Clint had multiple arrests for DWI prior to filming for Love After Lockup, including one in May of 2017 after he drove his pickup truck hauling a Little Debbie snack cakes trailer across a field and through a security fence before crashing into a number of storage units and eventually coming to rest on top of a boat.

Having a prior arrest record probably wouldn’t have merited Clint’s inclusion here, but his multiple arrests after he began filming with WE tv does. Not long after Tracie was arrested after running off with Clint’s rental car in the wake of their Houston honky tonk wedding, Clint was arrested in Texas for misdemeanor marijuana possession. Clint was reportedly in Texas to visit Tracie in jail.

Clint was with Tracie in Texas in August of 2019 when she was arrested for drug possession. Clint was also arrested, charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and was released from custody on the same day after posting a $308 bond.

After Clint and Tracie split for good, Clint relocated to Ohio to be near his new girlfriend, Gen Bailey. Unfortunately, Clint’s affinity for marijuana (and his invalid New Mexico medical use card) continued to get him into trouble. He was caught with marijuana twice in Ohio in February of 2020 — the second time after crashing his car into a utility pole while texting.

Clint has since filed for divorce from Tracie, which was finalized in June. That was just a few weeks before Tracie passed away.

We will be adding similar pasts for later seasons of Love After Lockup, so stay tuned! If you are a blog or YouTube channel using these posts for reference, please show us some love with a link. This is hard work y’all!

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