LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Glorietta’s ex Alex Bentley arrested again, caught stealing girl’s bike on Ring cam

Love After Lockup Glorietta's ex Alex Bentley arrested again

Love After Lockup Season 3 inmate Alexander Bentley was arrested yet again last week after allegedly stealing a little girl’s bicycle and running from police — and the whole thing was caught on a series of residential cameras and shared on Nextdoor!

As a quick refresher, Alex was the smooth operator who won the heart of Glorietta with his slick physique, suave personality, and virtuoso singing skills. The relationship would eventually fall apart due to Alex’s obsession with an old flame and his unwillingness to convert back to Catholicism from Islam. Oh, and his rather obvious lack of interest in Glorietta.

Since his time on the show, Alex has been jailed on numerous occasions. In addition to multiple theft charges, Alex was also charged with nine felonies after being pulled over for expired plates in November of 2019. Police ran Alex’s info and discovered he was on probation. They conducted a search of his pickup and allegedly found a gun, ammunition, heroin, and meth.

Alex was back behind bars in California last week after being arrested for multiple charges and multiple outstanding warrants on Thursday, August 4. He was initially charged with willfully resisting, delaying, or obstructing a public officer and petty theft. He was also held on two outstanding warrants for shoplifting and petty theft.
Jail records indicate that Alex was released from jail custody on Wednesday, August 10. His next court date is scheduled for September 8.

Alex Caught On Ring Cam

The antics leading to Alex’s arrest last week were documented on a series of posts made by local residents on
“Anyone know what happened this morning on ******** Dr?” asked an anonymous poster. “Looks like guy in the red running from police and hid in our backyard.” The post was accompanied by security camera footage showing a man in a red shirt hiding in a residential back yard behind a wooden gate.

There was another video showing Alex running from police along the sidewalk. You can see him drop his bag just before leaving the frame. Here are some screen shots from the videos:

Love After Lockup Alex Bentley update
Love After Lockup Alex Bentley stealing allegedly caught on camera

That post sparked a conversation among other neighbors who were able to piece together Alex’s rather eventful morning. (I have redacted the street names.)

“It started in front of my house. He was on a scooter and the cops pulled up and on their mic told him to get down to the ground. He ran🤣. He left his backpack and scooter in front of my house (the cops came back by and picked up both items). I saw he was caught on [street name]. They had him in the back of the car🤣. Crime doesn’t pay. Thank you EGPD.”

“He was in our backyard too on [street name]. Boyfriend chased him with a shovel over the fence.”
“Did your bf smack him with the shovel? 😁”
“Nope but came close!”

“Happened around 9am.” This comment was accompanied by a Ring camera video showing a man that looks a lot like Alex walking up and grabbing a girl’s bicycle before hopping on and riding off:
Love After Lockup Alex Bentley stealing a girls bike allegedly

“Same guy stole my daughters bike this morning.”
“If it’s your Huffy it’s turned in at the police station. That punk started his crime spree on [street name]. He was stealing stuff as he was walking down towards [street name].”

“I’m glad the police or someone has her bike. But it is very funny watching him ride off with the streamers blowing in the wind. What a loser.”
“I agree! I couldn’t even get mad when I saw it happened. He was in desperate need of a bike lol!”

“Maybe he needed to ring the bicycle bell (bling, bling) so he could get away faster and clear any traffic. 😂🤣 Glad the training wheels were off. He is improving. 🤭🫣”
“lmao! Yes! 😂”
“Wow! What a day this guy had! 🤣 Sorry to hear about everything he’s done to you all! Great job EG police!”

“Is that guy’s name Alex Bentley? From Love After Lockup right?”

“Yes, that’s his name. I looked at the EGPD daily crime log. It looks like he had a warrant and was arrested for resisting arrest and petty theft. He was arrested May 2021 in EG too. Here’s the pic from last time so people can watch him if seen in their neighborhood. ”

Love After Lockup Glorietta's ex Alex Bentley arrest 2021

“Wow! He was on a reality TV show and continues to pursue a life of crime. I looked him up based on what you commented. I’ve never seen the show but I found this article from an arrest in Elk Grove in June of 2021:”

Love After Lockup Glorietta’s ex Alexander Bentley arrested again

Thanks for the shout out! 🤗 We have updated our Love After Lockup Season 3 Inmate Chart to reflect Alex’s new arrest and release.

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