Love After Lockup Chance robbed a bank & salon, said he had a gun (didn’t just flirt)

Love After Lockup Chance bank robbery details

Love After Lockup has another bank robber! “Chance went to prison for robbing a bank inside of a grocery store,” Tayler George explains in her Season 6 intro clip. “He flirted with the lady at the counter and pretty much told her to give him the money, and she did it.”

Tayler not only glossed over the truth a bit about Chance’s crime, she also left out some additional information.

Chance Pitt entered a Missouri grocery store in November of 2019 and proceeded to the counter at a bank inside the store. So far, Tayler’s story matches up!

However, Chance did a bit more than flirt. According to police, he passed the teller a note demanding money, and the note indicated that he had a gun. As far as Chance “flirting,” perhaps Tayler is referencing the fact that he told the teller that he found out earlier the same day that he was HIV positive. (As of Chance’s sentencing, his HIV positive status had still not been verified.)

In addition to the note, Chance told the teller “not to get loud or make this noticeable; it won’t be good.” He walked out of the store with just over $1,000 in cash.

Chance didn’t have much time to enjoy his loot as he was identified with the surveillance video and was arrested later the same night. What little time Chance had, he managed to live life to the fullest. He had just over $460 left of the stolen money when he was apprehended. Chance told police that he spent the rest on dinner, beer and gas.

Another minor fact that Tayler left out of her arrest story is that the bank robbery wasn’t the only one he was convicted of. A couple months prior to the bank robbery, Chance robbed a hair salon in much the same manner. For that robbery he ramped up his disguise game by wearing a large floppy hat, a dreadlocks wig and denim overalls.

Chance was caught on surveillance camera wearing the dreadlock get up while leaving the same grocery store he would rob a couple months later. He left the store quickly and then robbed the hair salon nearby. I can only assume that he had intended on robbing the grocery store bank that time as well, but hanged his mind at the last second for some reason.

Here are photos of both of Chance’s robbery disguises:

Love After Lockup Chance robbing a bank

Chance eventually pleaded guilty to both robberies and he was sentenced to 22 years in prison in July of 2014. Court records indicate that he received 10 years for one of the charges, and 12 years for the other. The sentences were concurrent, meaning that Chance had to serve them back-to-back.

As Tayler states in her intro, Chance served more than 8 years before his scheduled release for the show.

To see if Tayler and Chance’s post-incarceration romance works out, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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