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PLATHVILLE Lydia Plath is moving out of state, Moriah Plath goes brunette

Welcome To Plathville sisters Lydia Plath and Moriah Plath shocked their social media followers this week in completely different ways. Moriah Plath revealed that she has abandoned her famous blonde hair, and Lydia Plath announced she is moving out of state!

Keep reading for all the latest, including some potential tea on the new season of Welcome To Plathville?

PLATHVILLE Olivia Plath moved to LA 6 months ago! Is she dating? Keeping her last name? Full AMA!

Soon after the Welcome To Plathville Season 5 finale aired Tuesday night, Olivia Plath took to Instagram to answer questions from her fans — and her detractors. Olivia revealed she moved to Los Angeles six months ago! Plus, she talked about dating, her split from Ethan, and whether or not she plans to keep Plath as a last name.

Keep reading for Olivia’s full AMA!

Will Kim Plath’s DUI arrest be on Welcome To Plathville? Are they skipping over it?

TLC is currently airing the fifth season of Welcome To Plathville, and it was assumed that one of the biggest story lines this season would be Kim Plath’s DUI arrest last year. However, it appears as though producers may be skipping over the whole thing without even a mention!?

Keep reading for a timeline of Kim’s crash, DUI charge and later arrest, and her eventual conviction. We match that timeline up with what (and when) viewers have seen so far on Welcome To Plathville Season 5.

VIDEO Kim Plath and boyfriend Ken Palmer make it official, Isaac reacts

Welcome To Plathville’s Kim Plath is rebounding quickly after her separation from her husband of 24 years, Barry Plath! Keep reading to watch a Plathville preview clip in which Kim makes things official with her new boyfriend, Isaac’s flight instructor Ken Palmer. Plus, we have an additional preview clip in which Kim reveals to Isaac that she and Ken are dating!

The post also includes some details about Kim’s DUI last year after she rolled her SUV into a ditch while reportedly attempting to drive to Ken’s house in Florida.