LOVE DURING LOCKUP Harry’s kidnapping and robbery arrest details

Love During Lockup prisoner Harry mug shot

Love During Lockup single mom Indie has fallen hard for her incarcerated boyfriend, Harry Velez. After consulting her psychic, Indie is prepared to pack up her daughter and move from Maryland to Ohio to be closer to him. However, Indie’s bounty hunter mom is on the case, and she WILL NOT be happy when she finds out more about Harry’s crime!

In the extended preview trailer for the first season of Love During Lockup, we see Indie’s mom and another man confront Indie about Harry’s criminal past. The man is looking at his phone as he exclaims out loud, “Kidnapped a man? Do you know about this?”

Wait. Did Harry kidnap someone? Yes. He was convicted of kidnapping and aggravated robbery stemming from an incident in 2017. He was initially facing six total charges, including theft and robbery. Harry pleaded guilty to the aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges as part of a plea deal that resulted in the other charges being dropped.

In April of 2018, Harry was sentenced to 4 years in prison. He got three years for each of the remaining two charges, but those were concurrent. An extra year was added due to the use of a firearm during the robbery.

Love During Lockup Harry

Details on Harry’s crime and arrest

According to court documents and local news articles, Harry and two other men approached a man walking on the street from behind and pushed him down to the ground. One of the three assailants (not Harry) put a gun to the man’s head while the other two (including Harry) went through the man’s pockets and took his wallet and cell phone.

Harry and his accomplices then forced the man to accompany them to a local convenience store. Harry’s buddy with the gun forced the man to give him the PIN number for his debit card. The assailant then entered the convenience store and withdrew money from an ATM.

Harry and his friends weren’t done. They forced the victim to walk with them to a house where a friend of the victim resided so they could rob that person as well.

The victim was able to escape en route to his friends house when the man carrying the gun stopped to urinate. The victim ran from the three assailants, but they eventually caught him. They were beating the victim when a nearby resident heard the man being beaten.

The witness was licensed to carry a fire arm, and he approached the four men with a handgun drawn. Harry and his two buddies fled the scene.

The three men were later apprehended by police. In their possession was a bag containing the robbery victim’s belongings and the gun used in the incident.

The gun had been stolen the night before by one of Harry’s accomplices. A 73-year-old man was asleep in his apartment above a church when two men (not including Harry) broke in.

The man kept a gun under his pillow and had the opportunity to shoot the intruders, but he opted not to. “I wish I would have shot them,” the victim later said to the press. “They could have killed me. I didn’t make the right choice at all.”

As a result of his decision, the 73-year-old man was dragged into another room and beaten for nearly an hour before he managed to get away.

Love During Lockup Indie and Harry

Will the details of Harry’s brutal crime be enough to keep Indie and her daughter away? Tune in to Love During Lockup to find out! Episodes air Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

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