LOVE DURING LOCKUP Jessica’s ‘COVID-induced’ marriage details EXCLUSIVE

Love During Lockup Jessica second marriage details

Love During Lockup single mom Jessica is planning to move to Tennessee so she can be near her inmate bae Dustin’s family. The 44-year-old former prison nurse hopes the third time’s the charm in terms of marriage.

“I think I’m a hopeless romantic, but it seems to always land bad,” Jessica explains during a confessional. “My last marriage was COVID-induced, and it ended up with a huge bang of him sleeping with one of our friends.”

I did some looking into Jessica’s background, and although I wasn’t able to get a clear idea about what a “COVID-induced” marriage is, I was able to get some details on her most recent marriage and divorce.

Jessica and her second husband were married in Jacksonville, Florida on January 3, 2021. That is certainly smack dab in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

The marriage lasted a little more than a year before Jessica filed for divorce on March 30, 2022. Unfortunately, the petition for dissolution of marriage did not include a separation date, so I do not know how long before the March filing they split. Hubby 2 posted a Christmas photo with his and Jessica’s children on December 26, 2021, so I am guessing they were still together at that time.

The final judgment in the divorce was entered in August of this year. That would mean Jessica has been divorced for less than three months at the time of this post. I do not know when she filmed for Love During Lockup or if she was still married at the time.

There didn’t appear to be anything too sensational in the divorce filings. Both Jessica and her second husband have multiple children (Jessica has two teen daughters from her first marriage), but they did not have a COVID-induced baby together.

They may not have shared a child, but the couple did share something else: a boat. And Jessica DID NOT want custody of that! The “2019 SeaPro Bay Boat” was the only item listed as part of the “marital assets and liabilities” section of the filing. From the document:

Within 30 calendar days of the execution of this MSA, [husband] agrees to sell or re-finance the 2019 SeaPro Bay Boat in an effort to remove [Jessica] from any and all liability to include financial or otherwise.

The boat is listed in another document with an “amount owed” of just under $30,000.

Jessica’s second husband

If you’re wanting to know more about Jessica’s second husband, who allegedly had a COVID-induced affair with a mutual friend, I can help you out a little. (Unless he makes an appearance on the show or posts publicly about his and Jessica’s marriage/divorce, I will refrain from sharing anything too specific.)

Hubby 2 is a 38-year-old former military man who is currently a fireman. He’s a bit burly and has recently taken to sporting a robust mustache. He’s an avid Trump supporter and I believe he has just two children — a teen son and teen daughter.

Hubby 2 was divorced in early 2017 after 13 years of marriage. I do not know if that was his only marriage prior to tying the knot with Jessica.

To find out if Jessica’s hope that the third time is the charm with Dustin pans out, be sure to keep tuning in to new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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