LOVE DURING LOCKUP Are Justine and Michael married? Was he released from prison? SPOILERS

Love During Lockup Justine and Michael aka Montana Millz

As we were the first to report, the second season of WE tv’s Love During Lockup features rapper Montana Millz, who made international headlines in 2016 when he was arrested for a laundry list of drug charges after police caught Michael selling heroin and fentanyl. Numerous media outlets picked up on the story because Montana Millz (real name Michael Persaud) was famous for songs with titles like “Sell Drugz” and “Feds Watching.”

During the Love During Lockup Season 2 premiere, Justin reveals that she plans to marry Michael in prison the following day, and the trailer features a scene with Justine celebrating while wearing a wedding dress. So, did Justine and Michael actually get married?


Justing and Michael DID get married while he was in prison! We obtained a copy of the couple’s marriage record that confirms the two tied the knot in a ceremony on August 5 of this year!

Love During Lockup Justine and Michael married

According to the marriage record (above), Justine and Michael’s wedding was officiated by Reverend Deborah Kalinowski, whom I assume will be featured on the show. The marriage was the first for Michael (more on that in a minute) and the second for Justine.

Justine reveals on the show that she was previously married, and the marriage record reveals that she divorced from her first husband in August of 2020. Some other bits of info from the document:

    • Justine doesn’t know what her father’s occupation is.

    • Michael’s mother was born in the Dominican Republic. Both Michael and his dad were born in the Bronx.

    • Justine’s occupation in CNA while Michael’s occupation is listed as “incarcerated.”

    • Justine has two years of college and Michael has his GED.

    • Michael is currently 35 years old and Justine is 34.

As it turns out, if Justine and Michael had just waited a couple months, they could have had a wedding ceremony outside of prison walls!

Love During Lockup Justine and Michael


According to Pennsylvania prison records, Michael was released from prison on October 7. VINE indicates that Michael was paroled and is currently under supervised custody. Neither VINE nor the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections lists a projected date for the end of Michael’s parole.

Michael has already returned to social media. He posted a photo of a pair of Montana Millz sneakers just a few hours ago on Instagram. “Limited time only $250.00 hit the D.M for the info on how to purchase a pair,” Michael captioned the image. “Also TUNE in tonight @9pm on WETV for the premiere of Love During Lockup #AllhailMillz.”

Prior to his release, Michael boasted about his pending release and appearance on the show. “Just when you thought I was done… I’m coming home to a few million dollar deals…” he captioned a preview clip for Love During Lockup Season 2.


When I was first looking into Michael Persaud’s arrest last month I ran across several indications that he was already married. According to the multiple news reports on Michael’s arrest and sentencing, he was arrested with a woman named Tiffany Irizarry.

Initial reports and court filings describe Tiffany as Michael’s girlfriend. Here is an excerpt from the Department of Justice press release about Michael’s sentencing:

In several instances, Persaud used other individuals to assist in the delivery of the drugs. In at least two such instances, Persaud was driven by his girlfriend and mother of three of his children to deliver fentanyl to the undercover detective.

However, throughout the appeals process, Michael and prosecutors refer to Tiffany as his wife. As stated above, Justine and Michael’s marriage record confirms that Michael and Tiffany were not married. It’s unclear if Tiffany will be featured on Love During Lockup. Given that she and Michael apparently have children together, I assume it is very likely.

To watch Justine and Michael’s prison wedding and his prison release, be sure to tune in to Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at9/8c on WE tv!

Here’s the extended sneak peek from the Premiere that includes Justine and Michael’s first segment:

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