Love After Lockup Season 6 cast bios, photos & trailer

Love After Lockup Season 6 premieres Friday March 4 2022

Love After Lockup fans have been sentenced to a brand new season premiering Friday, March 4 at 9/8c on WE tv! Season 6 will feature five new couples, and one returning couple from Love During Lockup. As an added bonus for fans, the ten episodes have been expanded to an hour and a half each!

According to the network’s press release, the six couples will “take the drama to the next level with deeper love, bigger doubts, and even more mystery, as viewers once again debate if it’s true love or just another convincing con.”

The network wasn’t just talking the talk, however, as they released a preview trailer for the new season that seems to indicate that the new couples will be living up to WE tv’s hyperbole:

As you can tell from the trailer, the couple returning from Love During Lockup will be Indie and Harry. Also returning will be Indie’s bounty hunter mom, who startles Harry (and viewers) with her incognito skills at the end of the clip!

In addition to the trailer and the premiere date, WE tv also shared bios for all six couples featured on the new season. I will include those below, starting with Indie and Harry.

I did want to note that WE tv refers to the new episodes as Season 4. I’ve stated numerous times before that the network’s break down of seasons makes absolutely no sense, so we have our own system that is based on each cast turnover being a new season. For clarification on our seasons, you can check our inmate recidivism charts for a quick overview.

Love After Lockup Season 6 Couples

Love After Lockup Indie and Harry
Indie and Harry
Beltsville, MD
Indie’s “spiritual husband” is finally getting out of prison after serving a four-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery. The bio seems to reveal a potential spoiler for the current season of Love During Lockup as it states that Indie’s move to Ohio “was a bust.” On Love After Lockup, she will be making a second attempt, “but her bounty-hunter mom won’t stop until she proves Harry is up to no good.”

Love After Lockup Rick and Raydean
Rick and Raydean
Cedar Park, Texas
49-year-old Rick and his 29-year-old prison bae Raydean have a slightly complicated history. The two Texans met a decade ago when Raydean was dating another man that was a member of Rick’s motorcycle club. “When they broke up, Rick kept an eye on Raydean, until one day she vanished — then Raydean reached out to Rick from prison, and the rest is history.”
Rick’s dream of a happily ever after with Raydean will have to overcome numerous obstacles, including her family… and a her girlfriend?!

Love After Lockup Kevin and Tiffany
Kevin and Tiffany
Arlington, Texas
Kevin is a bit of a ladies’ man, but he fell hard for bad girl Tiffany. Unfortunately, any potential romance was derailed when Tiffany went to prison. “They have kept in contact and plan to pick up where they left off once Tiffany is released, but will secrets blowup their romance?”

Love After Lockup Kaylah and Martel
Kaylah and Martel
Atlanta, Georgia
In what seems to be a consistent theme for the couples this season, Kaylah and Martel knew each other prior to his most recent prison stint. These two met 14 years ago at a party and dated briefly before Martel went to prison for a loooooong time.
Despite Martel’s lengthy sentence, the two “continued their relationship through prison walls. After a 13-year prison stay, will secrets and lies get in between the love they’ve shared for all those years?”
Based on the preview trailer, Kaylah has promised Martel that she won’t have sex with any other man. So was she celibate for 13 years?!

Love After Lockup Tayler and Chance
Tayler and Chance
Elsberry, Missouri
Chance seems aptly named as that is exactly how he met his current boo. He was calling to speak to a former cellmate on the outside, but instead got his cellmate’s sister, Tayler. The two struck up a conversation, and eventually something more. “He started calling once a week, then every day, and eventually the two fell in love.”
Single mom Tayler has big plans for a wedding and fairy tale happy ending once Chance is released, but will he be able to overcome resistance from both of their families and follow through with a proposal?

Love After Lockup Lacey and Antoine
Lacey and Antoine
Sonomish, Washington
38-year-old Lacey and 26-year-old Antoine also knew each other prior to his incarceration, but otherwise their story is quite unique.
Lacey was married when she met Antoine through a friend. That friend just so happened to be Antoine’s mom! “Lacey, who’s marriage was on the rocks, was immediately infatuated with the young, hot, bad boy. Unfortunately, they spent little time together before Antoine called it off because Lacey was married.”
One year went by before Antoine reached out to Lacey again — this time from prison. The two have been in a relationship for two years, and now it’s time to see if they will be able to continue to make it work once Antoine is back out.

To see how all of these relationships play out, be sure to tune in to the new season of Love After Lockup premiering Friday, March 4 at 9/8c on WE tv!

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