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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Roommate steals Kurtis’ stuff, he starts GoFundMe

It has been a very rough year for Love After Lockup “weenie” Kurtis King. The 32-year-old got into a halfway house parking lot fight with another man over a woman getting out of prison, and he got knocked out cold with one punch — all of which was filmed and aired on national television. Just prior to the knockout airing, Kurtis was arrested for assault stemming from an unrelated incident.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Kurtis just revealed on social media that his roommate allegedly stole everything that he owned except his bed and some sneakers.


Love After Lockup Lacey is pregnant with Antoine’s baby, plus more updates from a recent interview

Love After Lockup couple Lacey and Antoine dropped a huge bomb during the season finale episode Friday night: Lacey is pregnant! Plus, the couple did an interview last week with more updates on their unlikely happily ever after (so far). Keep reading to find out if the couple is married, whether or not Antoine has a job, and more1


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Chazz meets Branwin’s stripper daughter Arienne, aka Big Booty Sapphire

The love story between Love After Lockup couple Chazz and Branwin just keeps getting more awkward! On tonight’s episode, Chazz is taking Branwin to pick up her 19-year-old daughter Arienne at work before driving them both to a salon. And where does Branwin’s daughter work? At a strip club, of course. Keep reading to watch the awkward clip. Plus, get to know Arienne, who strips under the name Big Booty Sapphire.


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Shavel’s apartment burns down, GoFundMe started

Love After Lockup star Shavel Rice-Moore has launched a GoFundMe campaign after “everything was destroyed” in a Texas apartment fire. Shavel’s 7-year-old daughter Mi’elah is OK, as is Quaylon — who was living with Shavel and Mi’elah. Unfortunately, the family lost two young dogs and most all of their belongings in the fire. Keep reading for details as well as photos and videos after the fire.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael Simmons gf Maria pregnant 1 year after her battery arrest

It appears that Love After Lockup Lothario Michael Simmons found some time in between arrests to put his “devil d**k” to work while his girlfriend Maria was “obulatin'” because she is currently pregnant! The pregnancy announcement comes just 3 months after Michael was released from jail, and roughly one year after Maria was arrested for battery.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kurtis calls Kevin ‘scumbag’ for ‘sucker punch’ that knocked his pu**y a** out

The fallout continues in the wake of the Love After Lockup bro brawl between inmate Tiffany suitors Kevin and Kurtis. The historical altercation ended with one powerful punch from Kevin that instantly knocked “weenie” Kurtis out cold. While Kevin has been basking in the spotlight with a lot of smooth smack talk on social media, Kurtis wants us all to know that his knockout was the result of a “disgusting” “sucker punch.”

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Was Kevin arrested for knocking Kurtis out? And if not, why?

In a preview clip for an upcoming episode of Love After Lockup, Kevin punches his romantic rival Kurtis out cold during a parking lot altercation, all while an officer looks on. Despite what seems like a clear example of aggravated assault, there is no evidence that Kevin was charged. How could that be possible? Keep reading to learn more about the mutual combat statute in Texas! Oh, and check out our comic book recap of Kevin knocking Kurtis’s “p***y a** out!”