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Niece says ‘8 Passengers’ abuse was Jodi Hildebrandt’s idea; she’s been using duct tape for years

It’s been a decade since Jessi Hildebrandt has seen her aunt Jodi Hildebrandt and she says that the abuse the Franke children suffered is similar to want happened to her under Jodi’s care. Jodi Hildebrandt was arrested August 30 along with her business partner Ruby Franke for multiple counts of abusing Ruby’s four minor children (she has six in total.)

8 PASSENGERS Ruby Franke accused her children of abuse in court

41-year-old Ruby Franke, who once ran a popular family YouTube channel called “8 Passengers,” is being charged with 6 counts of felony child abuse after one of her four minor children escaped from her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt’s home malnourished and injured. Both Ruby and Jodi have been arrested and charged. Now, Ruby’s the one accusing her children of abuse.

TIKTOK Was Ken Waks investigating serial killers to promote an app?

For a while over the past few weeks a TikToker named Ken Waks was showing up on a lot of “For You” pages with disturbing information: he was investigating a plethora of unsolved deaths in cities like Chicago, Austin, Boston, and beyond that he thought were all connected. Was he really onto something, or was he using the tragedy of others to promote an app?

EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Wayne Adam Ford ex-wife says he pretended to be human

It’s hard to imagine how some people are capable of unspeaking crimes. In the case of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, his ex-wife Kelly Pletcher saw him as something other than human.

Kelly decided to sit down for an Evil Lives Here episode (Season 9, Episode 4) titled “He Pretends to Be Human” to describe what it was like to live with a killer.

EVIL LIVES HERE Mall shooter Robert Hawkins poisoned his stepmother

On December 5, 2007 19-year-old Robert Hawkins killed eight people and injured four in a shooting at an Omaha, NE mall.

His stepmother Candace Sims and father Ron Hawkins did an intense interview for Investigation Discovery’s first episode of Evil Lives Here, titled “Something About Robbie,” which first aired in 2016. They reveal that Robbie’s behavior growing up was disturbing, and he even tried to poison his stepmother.