LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Stan’s ex Lisa McGraw back in prison

Love After Lockup Stan's ex Lisa McGraw arrested again

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lisa McGraw is back in prison in Missouri, and the story broke thanks to her millionaire basement hanky panky ex, Stan Smith.

Kiki and Kibbitz got the scoop about Lisa’s return to the big house thanks to a follower who had slid into Stan’s DMs. The follower, who wishes to remain anonymous, checked in with Stan on Friday. “Hiya Stan how’s things?” reads the text message inquiry to Stan.
“Still hanging in there!” Stan replied. “Lisa is back in prison,” he added.

Stan was not lying. Missouri Department Of Corrections records show that Lisa McGraw is currently in custody at the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Vandalia, Missouri.

Lisa’s entry on the Missouri DOC website includes new mug shot photos that reveal Lisa got a rather large tattoo above her right eyebrow. Despite the large size of the tattoo, it’s difficult to make out what it says. My best guess is “Blessed.” Here’s a zoomed-in and rotated look:

Love After Lockup Lisa McGraw new face tattoo

Why Was Lisa McGraw arrested again?

The Missouri DOC entry for Lisa states that her charge is delivery of a controlled substance. This is not a new charge, but a probation violation from Lisa’s previous conviction on five separate counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

Lisa entered a guilty plea to the 5 felony counts in November of 2020 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, she was granted a 120-day shock incarceration and was released on five years of supervised probation on March 6, 2021. Here’s a little more on shock incarceration in Missouri from The Missouri Legislative Academy’s “New Approaches to Incarceration in Missouri:”

Shock Incarceration
When an offender is sentenced, the court may recommend placement in the 120-day program. This “shock treatment” incarcerates an offender for a short period of time in the belief that for many first time offenders, the reality of prison will prevent further commission of crimes.

It’s unclear how Lisa was able to qualify for shock incarceration given her extensive criminal record. It’s also unclear why the DOC lists Lisa’s “sentence summary” as 7 years instead of the 10-year sentence described in court records.

There was a probation violation filed for Lisa on November 16, 2021, and a warrant was issued for her arrest on November 29. Lisa’s probation was suspended on March 30, 2022.

The warrant was served on Lisa on April 4, which I assume means she was arrested and booked on that day. Lisa’s bond was set at $80,000 cash or professional surety with GPS monitoring. She posted the bond and was released on April 8.

Lisa appeared at her hearing on May 6 and admitted to violating two conditions of her probation. The violations look to be issues with her residency and reporting to her PO. I do not have any specific details about the violations.

Lisa failed to appear at a court hearing on June 10 and another warrant was issued for her arrest. The warrant was served three days later on June 13. Lisa’s probation was officially revoked on June 14. Her most recent DOC mug shot photos were taken on June 29.

It’s unclear what Lisa’s projected prison release date is.

Below is the Kiki and Kibbitz YouTube video breaking the story about Lisa’s return to prison. The video also features some other Love After Lockupdates, including a new boo for Shane Whitlow and a lack of boo for Gucci pants lovin’ Jeff Wombles:

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