Meet Love During Lockup inmate Keith ‘Lil Mike’ Collier

Love During Lockup Mike Collier

As Love During Lockup fans patiently wait for the new season to premiere in July, Starcasm continues to share information about the new cast members who will be featured on the show!

We previously introduced you to sugar daddy felon Chris Chipps from South Dakota and his TikTok influencer wife Jade from Florida. Now we move on to Illinois to meet 35-year-old convicted felon, Keith “Lil Mike” Collier.

Keith Collier is serving a 14-year sentence for crack and marijuana possession with intent to distribute. Keith is from Rock Island, Illinois, but his new home is out of state. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, he is currently serving his time at the federal correctional institution in Florence, Colorado.

The incident resulting in Keith drug possession arrest was in August of 2013. He was indicted the following month and sentenced in November of 2014 after entering a guilty plea. The BOP website says Keith’s release date is September 18, 2025.

Why did Keith get such a hefty prison sentence for a single drug charge? Here is an excerpt from the State’s response to Keith’s motion for compassionate release filed in September of 2020:

By the age of 25, when he was arrested in this case, the defendant already had compiled a prolific criminal history, including convictions for burglary (age 17), possession of cannabis (age 19), DUI alcohol (age 19), unlawful delivery of a controlled substance (age 19), aggravated battery of a police officer (age 21), and criminal trespass to land (age 22). The defendant had a number of violations of parole and other forms of court supervision.

The defendant entered into a Rule 11(c)(1)(C) plea to the charge of possession of at least 28 grams of crack with intent to distribute, agreeing that the appropriate sentencing range was 151-188 months. This range was lower than the range of 188-235 months determined after completion of the presentence investigation. The Court sentenced the defendant, a career offender, to 168 months imprisonment.

Once incarcerated in BOP, the defendant received disciplinary sanctions in 2016 and 2017 for, respectively, disruptive conduct-high (resulting in loss of 27 days good time credit) and possessing a dangerous weapon (resulting in loss of 41 days good time credit).

In December 2019, BOP classified the defendant at a high risk to recidivate.

Love During Lockup inmate Keith Collier

Keith is no stranger to federal prisons. His dad, named Mike, shared a photo of Facebook during his time in a federal penitentiary when his brother brought a very “Lil” Mike (Keith) to see him. “A throw back from the past 1995 when I was in the feds,” Keith’s dad wrote in the caption.

The BOP release date for Keith is September of 2025, but his wife, LaTisha Collier, has indicated she expects her husband to get out before then. She posted a photo with Keith in February to celebrate his birthday and wrote “your last birthday away from your family” in the caption.

We have a production source who tells us WE tv was shooting for Love During Lockup in Florence, Colorado during the second week of February. I am guessing they were able to film Keith’s wife visiting right around his birthday.

To find out if that was the case, be sure to tune in to Love During Lockup when it returns some time in July! And keep checking back for more cast profiles — including Mrs. Collier! (She’s the hottie in lingerie in the trailer.)

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