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Love After Lockup Lacey’s fiance John arrested again in August on drug charge

On the current season of WE tv’s Love After Lockup, cam girl Lacey is two-timing her incarcerated felon fiance John with another imprisoned convict named Shane. Lacey meets Shane for the first time in person upon his release, and he is everything she hoped for and more. John is scheduled to be released in just a few days, but it’s looking like he is going to be blindsided by some bad news once he is freed. Unfortunately for John, he will be getting even worse bad news a few months later as he is arrested once again on drug charges!

Love After Lockup Lacey spoilers – Did she choose John or Shane?

Love After Lockup fans are no stranger to love triangles, as evidenced by the memorable triad of Sarah, Michael, and Megan. The new season features another three-sided relationship, but this time only one of the three isn’t incarcerated! Keep reading for details on Lacey, John, and Shane — including spoilers as to which (if either) that Lacey ends up choosing!

Love After Lockup Season 3 trailers, premiere date, cast photos & bios

WE tv’s popular prison romance reality series Love After Lockup is returning for a third season on August 16, and the network has just released a brand new preview trailer as well as bios for all the new couples (and one familiar couple — and one trio?) featured this season! Keep reading to meet the seven couples to be featured on you guiltiest pleasure!