LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Matt Frasier sentenced to 37+ years in prison on 8 charges

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Troubled Love After Lockup Season 2 star Matthew Frasier is back behind bars, and will be there for quite a while.

After a string of arrests over the past two years, Matt finally had his day in court on Monday, February 8. I assume Matt worked out a plea deal, which resulted in at least 15 pending charges against him dropped. Unfortunately, that still left 8 charges that he was found guilty of. According to court records, the combined sentence for all of the charges is 474 months, with credit for time served. That equates to a little less than 38 years.

I assume that Matt will be serving the sentences concurrently, which means that the actual time he is required to spend behind bars relies on the single charge with the longest sentence. That would be 116 months (9 years, 8 months) stemming from an armed home invasion in August. According to the police report, Matt allegedly pointed a gun at a mother and her son during the attempted burglary of her home.

It’s unclear just how much of Matt’s 116-month sentence he will serve before being eligible for parole — and another season of Love After Lockup.

In case you missed it, Matt has been arrested numerous times since his release. Here is a timeline of most of his legal issues, dating all the way back to December of 2018:


DECEMBER 13 – Matt was driving Caitlin’s pickup truck when he rear ended another driver. Matt tried to convince the woman that he hit not to call the police because his license was suspended. His plea didn’t work. Matt was issued a criminal citation for Driving With a Suspended License as well as a ticket for “speeding too fast for conditions.”

DECEMBER 23 – Despite the fact that Caitlin’s pickup truck was damaged, including issues with the steering, Matt was out driving it again when he crossed over the center line of a two-lane road and hit another driver head on. “Frasier stated the power for his vehicle went off and his steering wheel locked to the left, so he was unable to steer away from the collision,” the police report reads. “Frasier stated he attempted to steer back to the right and hit the brakes but his truck had mechanical issues and he was unable to avoid running into the oncoming car.” Matt was cited for improper lane change and 2nd degree negligent driving — which are both just infractions. Matt was also charged (yet again) for 3rd degree Driving While License Suspended, and that is a misdemeanor criminal charge.


JANUARY 4 – Matt arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. Click here for details from the arrest report.

JANUARY 15 – Matt bonds out of jail.

MAY 24 – Matt arrested for meth possession after being pulled over for expired tags with meth in his pocket.

JULY 12 – A violation report is filed against Matt after he ghosted pretrial services.

AUGUST 29 – The meth possession charge against Matt is dismissed because the arresting officer was promoted to a job with Homeland Security and would be unable to attend Matt’s trial.

OCTOBER 18 – Matt arrested and charged with heroin possession and stolen credit cards after he allegedly took a woman’s purse from her garage. Matt was caught on security camera using the credit cards at Walmart and Target.

OCTOBER 31 – Matt skips out on his pretrial conference in regards to his meth possession case.

NOVEMBER 4 – Judge signs a bench warrant for Matt’s arrest.

NOVEMBER 5 – Matt skips out on his arraignment for the heroin possession and stolen credit card charges.

NOVEMBER 7 – Judge signs another bench warrant for Matt’s arrest.

NOVEMBER 12 – Matt arrested and booked into Thurston County Jail. His combined bond amount is set at $9,500.

NOVEMBER 14 – Matt bonds out of jail.


JANUARY 15 – Matt arrested with charges listed as driving with a suspended license and failure to register a vehicle title within 45 days.

JANUARY 15 – Matt bonds out of jail.

JANUARY 16 – Matt arrested and charged with possession of meth.

JANUARY 17 – Matt bonds out of jail.

FEBRUARY 20 – Matt arrested for driving with a suspended license.

??? Matt bonds out of jail.

MAY 20 – A new court case is filed against Matt in Thurston County Superior Court. I don’t have the details on this case.

AUGUST 20 – Matt arrested and charged with first-degree assault and first-degree burglary.

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