LOVE DURING LOCKUP Tai’s arrest details

Love During Lockup Tai arrest

On the current season of Love During Lockup, Tai decides to back out of her meeting with Boston (aka “Hottie’s girl”) at the last minute. Tai is confident she won’t be able to control herself, and she doesn’t want to go back to jail. Wait, back to jail?!

“I have been arrested in the past for acts of violence,” Tai reveals in her confessional interview. “But, right now, I don’t wanna go to jail. So meet me on my turf, sis. Then I have control over it.”

I looked into Tai a bit to see if I could find any details on her prior arrest “for acts of violence.” The only arrests I could find for Tai were in Georgia, with one of the charges seeming like it might fit the bill.

According to court records, Tai was arrested near Atlanta in August of 2015. One of the charges filed against her was willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

However, Tai’s charge was for the misdemeanor subsection of the statute. If Tai had been “offering or doing violence to the person of such officer or legally authorized person,” then she would have been charged with a felony.

I have not been able to track down the police report or criminal complaint from the case, but it seems pretty easy to piece together what happened based on Tai’s other charges from the incident.

In addition to the obstruction charge, Tai was also charged with failure to maintain her lane, no license, and driving on a suspended license. I assume Tai was pulled over after swerving out of her lane and it was discovered that her license was suspended. It’s unclear what she did to obstruct justice, but it doesn’t seem that she struck or was otherwise violent with an officer.

Tai was booked again in February of 2016 for a failure to appear. Court records indicate that she pleaded guilty to the obstruction charge and was sentenced to two days in jail on February 19, 2016. She was credited with time served and released.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a single mug shot photo for Tai.

I should point out that I could have missed another arrest(s). Both New York and Georgia courts can be a bit tricky to navigate, especially when my only access is via the internet. Plus, it could very well be that Tai was arrested in another state. (I did some national searches, but those are even less reliable than the state-by-state and county-by-county searches.)

While digging around looking for Tai’s criminal records, I did run across a few civil cases. Tai was sued by a couple of people/businesses in New York, resulting in garnished wages. Tai also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in September of 2015. That case was later dismissed after Tai failed to appear at the meeting of the creditors.

Tai filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy again in March of 2017. Her case was discharged in June of 2017.

It was after her bankruptcy filings that Tai decided to take mortuary science classes. I was a bit surprised to learn that she graduated with her degree in May of 2021. I got the impression from the show that she has been a mortician for quite a while.

It was also interesting to find out that Tai has three children. She has a 19-year-old son, an 18-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old daughter.

To keep up with Tai, Hottie, Boston, and potentially more of Tai’s inmate boos, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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