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Starcasm is an entertainment, celebrity, pop culture and true crime website with a passion for reality television. What can we say? We love a good story!

What does Starcasm mean, tho?

The name “Starcasm” might imply that we are highly sarcastic. When we first started this blog a decade ago, we were definitely more sarcastic than we are today. Now the Starcasm brand seeks to honestly report and comment on pop culture because we are genuinely passionate and curious about it. We’re all in this together on this strange, big rock we call home.

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Asa Hawks
Editor, Writer, Graphic Design

Asa is one of the co-founders of and actually wrote the very first Starcasm article in 2008. In addition to writing duties, Asa handles most of the heavy lifting when it comes to graphics, including most of the silly Photoshop images.

Asa has a degree in Art, Philosophy, and Great Books and has developed quite the fondness for the epic, Shakespearean comedies and tragedies that play out everyday in the world of celebrities — especially reality television. A mildly interesting “Did You Know?” is that when Starcasm first started we had original pen and ink drawings done on notebook paper for each and every post. (EXAMPLE 1, EXAMPLE 2) Those drawings were all done by Asa.

Editor, Writer
Twitter: @singing_regret

John is a Starcasm veteran who made his bones in the gossip game with endless hot takes on the Kardashians. He has since branched out to the wild worlds of Love & Hip Hop, My 600 Lb. Life, HGTV’s endless renovation orgies, and anything to do with survival TV and true crime.

Amelia Cunningham

Amelia Cunningham slung coffee for awhile before realizing her true niche was celebrity and entertainment writing. She’s addicted to curiosity and fascinated by the human stories that intrigue and connect us.

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