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LIFE AFTER LOCKUP What’s Kevin’s secret? Why do women fall for him?

Life After Lockup’s Kevin Hale has quite the way with women (or so it seems). Week after week, viewers of Life After Lockup watch him juggle both Tiffany AND Kayla. So far this season, Kevin has argued with Tiffany over panties found in his house that were not hers, and he argued with Kayla over his relationship with Tiffany. But it seems both woman are captured under some sort of “Kevin Spell.” However, both women have recently indicated on social media that the spell may have been broken!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kurtis calls Kevin ‘scumbag’ for ‘sucker punch’ that knocked his pu**y a** out

The fallout continues in the wake of the Love After Lockup bro brawl between inmate Tiffany suitors Kevin and Kurtis. The historical altercation ended with one powerful punch from Kevin that instantly knocked “weenie” Kurtis out cold. While Kevin has been basking in the spotlight with a lot of smooth smack talk on social media, Kurtis wants us all to know that his knockout was the result of a “disgusting” “sucker punch.”

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Was Kevin arrested for knocking Kurtis out? And if not, why?

In a preview clip for an upcoming episode of Love After Lockup, Kevin punches his romantic rival Kurtis out cold during a parking lot altercation, all while an officer looks on. Despite what seems like a clear example of aggravated assault, there is no evidence that Kevin was charged. How could that be possible? Keep reading to learn more about the mutual combat statute in Texas! Oh, and check out our comic book recap of Kevin knocking Kurtis’s “p***y a** out!”

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Tiffany’s friend Kurtis arrested for assault EXCLUSIVE

Love After Lockup inmate Tiffany has two men fighting over her in a preview clip for next week’s episode. Kevin and Kurtis get into a heated verbal exchange, and Kevin appears to rare back for a punch just before the video cuts off. Interestingly, Kurtis was recently arrested for aggravated assault in Texas, and he is currently still in jail! Keep reading for all the details!