LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lacey’s bae John Slater arrested again

Life After Lockup John Slater arrest 2023

It hasn’t been a good week in terms of Love After Lockup inmate recidivism. Two days after Michael Simmons was arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer in Florida, Lacey Whitlow’s inmate du jour, John Slater, was booked into a Virginia jail.

According to jail records, “Chon” was arrested in Virginia Beach on Saturday. The charge is listed as possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance. It’s important not to jump to any conclusions here, though. I believe John is still on probation stemming from his 2020 conviction for possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance, so it could just be that he violated his probation.

John’s original probation was revoked in June of 2020 and he was sentenced to five years of unsupervised probation.

According to Virginia court records, Jon was cited for reckless driving on February 23 of this year. It appears from the annotated docket entry that John was caught doing 89 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. In Virginia, if you are caught doing more than 20 miles per hour over the posted the speed limit, the result is a misdemeanor reckless driving charge. It may have been via unmanned speed check devices because the reckless driving charge against John wasn’t filed until March 1.

A probation revocation can be triggered easily, and a reckless driving charge could certainly do it — especially with someone who has demonstrated a history of probation non-compliance like John. Given that John was booked on a Saturday, it would make sense that we do not have a new case filed, or a new probation violation docket entry yet.

UPDATE – It appears as though a new charge of possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance was filed against John on Monday, March 20. So, perhaps it wasn’t a probation violation after all. John is scheduled to be arraigned on March 23.

John was lightning-quick posting his bond! According to VINE, John posted his bond and was released on the same day he was arrested. His next court date is schedule for March 29.

There has been no posts on social media in reference to John’s arrest by either John, Lacey, or Shane Whitlow. Given the trio’s history of very public, very petty posts over the past few years, I assume we will be hearing something from Shane soon. Stay tuned!

I believe John’s arrest was first spotted by @tattedblackguy on Instagram, which then inspired an According To Amber YouTube video.

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