LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Antoine and Lacey welcome baby girl Antoinette

Love After Lockup Antoine and Lacey welcome baby girl Antoinette Royalty Whitaker

Congratulations are in order for Love After Lockup couple Lacey and Antoine! The duo continue their unlikely happily ever after by welcoming their first child together, daughter Antoinette!

Antoine teased the birth on Tuesday by revealing that Lacey’s water broke. He soon updated with photos of their new arrival on Facebook along with the official birth announcement. “Antoinette Royalty Whitaker I will forever love you,” the new dad wrote in the caption. “I promise. You already are my world.” Antoine concluded with this string of emoji: 💯❤️❤️🍼🍼🧸🧸👌👌

Here are the Facebook photos posted by Antoine followed by the couple’s Instagram announcement:

Love After Lockup Antoine's girlfriend Lacey gives birth to baby girl Antoinette

The bundle of joy is actually the second in less than a week for Lacey as she just became a grandma as well! “This morning we get a blessing,” Lacey wrote on Facebook on October 6. “My babygirl is having her babygirl. Please say prayers for my daughter as she has a c section this morning. I can’t wait to love on baby Giana ❤️.” Giana Jade arrived on October 6 just as planned.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all positive news for Lacey and Antoine recently. Antoine’s mother Kristi, who was featured prominently on Love After Lockup, passed away last month. Here is Antoine’s first public post about his mother’s passing:

I will forever love you mom. You meant the world to me. I promise. I hope you’re in a better place, no longer hurting. You deserve the best of everything.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better son and not have been away so many years in prison. Cuz those are all years I missed out on being out in the real world with you. But I always loved you so very much. Always had your back, no matter what.

I hope to see you again sooon some day. I will always miss you so much it hurts. Just wish you wouldn’t have left me so soon:( I need you in my life:/ I don’t know what to do :/

It’s assumed that Kristi passed away due to the liver issues she talked about on the show. She told Antoine on screen that she had stage 4 cirrhosis and that the condition was non-reversible. (I believe she meant that she had stage 4 liver disease — stage 3 is cirrhosis. Stage 4 is liver failure.)

Kristi said that her only hope was to have a liver transplant, but to get on the waiting list she had to be sober for six months. And once she got on the waiting list, it would likely be a very long time — potentially years — before she would actually receive the transplant.

“It’s messed up to say, but I just don’t think my mom will be able stay sober enough to get the transplant,” Antoine said in a confessional. “Alcohol has just taken over her life, and there’s nothing I can really do.”

Lacey launched a GoFundMe campaign to help the family cover funeral expenses. She also shared her thoughts on Kristi’s passing with a lengthy post on Facebook. (It’s important to remember that Lacey and Kristi were friends before Lacey had any romantic interest in Antoine.)

My heart is so heavy and sad. So many thoughts. Life can change in a matter of minutes.

Kristi Whitaker when we met, we almost instantly became friends you were always so sweet, always giving compliments always down to listen and give advice and ALWAYS talking about your kids. I love you! I love how you were always an open book no matter what, you showed me that it’s ok to be human and talk about things that we aren’t always proud of. You were definitely a free spirit.

You always would tell me what a good woman I am. Once I became pregnant you told me “I couldn’t have picked a better baby mom for my son”. That’s always stuck in my head and in my heart.

You always showed how important your kids and you mommy were to you. Always sending me pics of family events or even proud moments you felt about your family. I will always be good to your son, that’s a promise and I will always be here for your entire family. You have done an amazing job at teaching them how to be kind people. Every single one of your children are so sweet, respectful and kind and I know they will forever represent you.

I just wish Antoinette would get to know her gramma 😞 I know you are in such a beautiful place now with your brother and your dad. But damn, this is a tough one for us who will miss you so much. I love you so much sister. We will always talk about you to your first born Grandbaby❤️ she will know about her Gramma Kristi❤️. We are family forever now – Rest Peacefully beautiful

Our thoughts are still with Antoine, his family, and Kristi’s friends in the wake of her passing. And our congratulations are extended to Antoine and Lacey on their new arrival — and the fact that they are still together!

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