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Love After Lockup S4 Which inmates were arrested again? Who has stayed out of jail?

WE tv’s Love After Lockup is not only giving viewers insight into the success rate of relationships formed while one partner is in in prison, the show is also shining a light on the effect that being in a romantic relationship upon release has on recidivism. In our latest installment of Love After Lockup convict updates, we tackle the fourth season of the show, revealing which inmates have landed back behind bars and which ones have remained out of legal trouble.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Did Maurice marry Mandy? He says he sold drugs in prison & sent money to Jessica

The messy break up between Love After Lockup couple Jessica Gipson and Maurice Gipson continues to play out on social media. In the latest developments, Maurice and his new Cali boo Mandy suggest that they are married — complete with a wedding photo. Plus, Jessica says Maurice is a deadbeat dad and Maurice responds by claiming that he actually supported Jessica financially while he was incarcerated by selling drugs in prison.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Maurice leaves Jessica for woman in California

The relationship success rate for Love After Lockup couples has taken another hit as Maurice Gipson has left his wife, Jessica Gipson, for a new woman in California named Mandy. Maurice was in California serving parole after being arrested there earlier this year. He was waiting for his parole to be transferred to Nevada again when he met his new boo.