LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Chance Pitt arrested for stealing woman’s car & credit card

Love After Lockup Chance arrested again

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Earl Chance Pitt has been arrested for the third time this month. Unfortunately for Chance, this time it was for a felony charge that he seemingly admitted to while being interviewed by police.

In case you missed it, Chance was booked for DWI on December 8. Nine days later, Chance was arrested for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash after his GMC Sierra pickup truck was involved with a semi tractor trailer at roughly 1:40 AM on December 18. Chance posted his bond and was released.

Chance was arrested again on Thursday after he allegedly stole a woman’s car from a hospital parking lot soon after the crash involving his truck. He’s accused of later using the woman’s credit card to purchase a drink, gas, cigarettes and more at multiple convenience stores.

As a result of his alleged antics, Chance is now facing a felony charge of tampering with a motor vehicle in the first degree and a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent use of a credit card.

Starcasm has obtained a copy of the probable cause statement for Chance’s latest charges, and the officer’s narrative explains in detail everything that happened.

At approximately 7:32 AM on December 18 (the same morning as Chance’s crash), police received a call reporting a red Ford Escape had been stolen from a local hospital parking lot. The female victim informed police she arrived for work the night before, and when she clocked out the next morning, her car was no longer in the parking lot.

The woman had a Ford mobile app that allowed her to see that her car was located at the intersection of Highway C and Elm Tree Rd. (Based on Google Maps, there is nothing at that intersection.)

Hospital security footage showed the vehicle leaving the parking lot at 2:12 AM, which is roughly 30 minutes after Chance’s truck was involved in the semi crash. The cameras did not capture the person getting into the vehicle.

The woman was able to recover her vehicle. However, she later informed police that her credit card had been used to make multiple purchases. Police confirmed there were four purchases made with the card at two different convenience stores during the time the car was missing. The purchases ranged from $13.99 to $33.53.

On December 22, an officer visited one of the convenience stores to take a look at security footage. Below is an excerpt from the officer’s probable cause affidavit narrative about what he was able to see in the security camera footage:

At 0218 hours the Ford enters the Fast Lane parking lot and parks at pump number one. A male subject wearing a red jacket and black jeans exited the Ford and placed the fuel nozzle in the Ford. The male subject entered FastLane.

I immediately recognized the male subject as Earl Pitt due to previous calls for service I responded to involving Pitt. Pitt purchased a beverage and cigarettes totaling $13.39 with [the woman’s] card ending in 3093.

Pitt exited the store, entered the Ford, left the parking lot at 0224 hours, and entered the parking lot of Troy Inn and Suites (14 Frenchman Bluff Road).

Earlier in his narrative, the officer stated he had responded to a call for service at the Troy Inn and Suites on the morning of the crash and the alleged car theft. The officer said the call was “in reference to a domestic disturbance involving Pitt and his spouse.”

(Chance is currently dating a 24-year-old Love After Lockup fan named Alyssa. It is likely this is the “spouse” referenced by the officer, but it is unclear if they are actually legally married.)

After arriving at the Troy Inn and Suites for the domestic disturbance call, the officer “discovered Pitt’s identity.” I assume this is the incident the officer referenced when he mentioned he was able to immediately recognize Chance in the convenience store security footage “due to previous calls for service I responded to involving Pitt.”

On December 28, which is ten days after his pickup truck was involved in the semi crash, Chance showed up at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to report his truck stolen.

Chance was interviewed by a detective after being informed of his Miranda Rights. During the interview, Chance clearly admitted to stealing the woman’s car and using her credit card. It also appears as though Chance admitted to being at the scene of the crash involving his pickup truck.

From the affidavit:

Pitt explained he left the scene of the motor vehicle accident and went to Troy Inn and Suites.

After leaving the hotel, Pitt arrived at Mercy Lincoln and observed [the woman’s] vehicle in the parking lot. After looking through the window of the Ford, Pitt believed he could gain entry into the vehicle due to it being a push-to-start vehicle.

When Pitt entered the Ford, he noticed the Ford was low on gas. Pitt went to FastLane and purchased fuel, in fear that the Ford would run out of gas. Pitt used [the woman’s] credit card for his purchases because he did not have any money in his possession.

When Pitt was asked if he stole [the woman’s] car, put gas in it and dropped the car off on Highway C he replied “Yes.”

Life After Lockup Chance Pitt arrest details

Chance is currently being held on $25,000 bond. He is scheduled for an initial appearance on January 2.

I could find no other open criminal cases for Chance in the statewide Missouri courts database. I assume he will be charged with something stemming from the truck crash. Plus, Chance is currently on parole from his 2014 robbery convictions, which resulted in a 22-year prison sentence. I assume he will be violated on that as well.

Starcasm will continue to monitor Chance’s case(s), so stay tuned.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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