Love During Lockup S2 inmate chart: Who’s been released from prison, who hasn’t

Love During Lockup Season 2 Which inmates have been released from prison?

We’ve got a brand new season of Love During Lockup and a brand new Starcasm inmate chart letting you know which inmates have been released from prison, which inmates are still in prison, and which inmates were released and are back in!

As you might expect given the fact that the show premieres tonight, we don’t have a lot of updates. However, there is one inmate featured this season who has been released. Michael Persaud (aka Montana Millz) was released to parole on October 7!

Below is every inmate (so far) from the current season. I’ve tracked down all of them but Chelsea’s boo Mike, and they are all (minus Montana Millz) listed as still being in custody at the time of this post.

As with all of our Lockup inmate charts, we will continue to update this post with new information and a new chart any time we have an update on the incarceration status of the cast members. Just bookmark the page and pop back in any time you’re curious! As an example, you can check out our Love During Lockup Season 1 chart.

Here are all of the inmates featured on Love During Lockup Season 2 with their incarceration status, state, and projected release date (if available). I’ve arranged them in alphabetical order by first name.

Love During Lockup inmates

Love During Lockup Dauri
DAURI (Emily)
Dauri is still in custody at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey. The NJ Department of Corrections website states Dauri was admitted in March of 2017. His current “max release date” is December 13, 2024. Dauri’s parole eligibility date is listed as December 5, 2024, which is only 8 days sooner.
UPDATE – Emily posted a message in her Instagram stories suggesting that Dauri will be getting out sooner. “He doesn’t have 2 more year y’all 🤣 NJ DOC just sucks at updating their website,” she wrote.

Love During Lockup Dustin
DUSTIN (Jessica)
Dustin Phillips is currently in custody at Cross City Correctional Institution in Florida. His initial receipt date is January 12, 2022 and his current release date is listed as December 14, 2022. Those dates are a bit confusing because Dustin was recently found guilty of a felony while he was incarcerated.

December 14, 2022 – Dustin is released from prison in Florida and moves into a house in Tennessee with Jessica.

February 8, 2023 – Dustin is arrested for reckless endangerment, theft of property, felony evading, domestic assault, and reckless driving after he reportedly got caught cheating by Jessica, choked her, stole her truck, and was involved in a police chase. Dustin bonded out on February 12 and is reportedly living with his mistress.

???, 2023 – Dustin is released and he moves back to his hometown in Florida.

May 9, 2023 – Dustin is arrested in Florida after telling cop ‘nah Jackson come on’ before attempting (unsuccessfully) to flee. He pleads no contest on June 22 and is found guilty. He’s sentenced to 14 days in jail with 14 days credit for time served.

June 5, 2023 – Dustin is arrested in Florida and initially charged with felony meth possession, felony driving on a suspended license (habitual offender), and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Prosecutors eventually file the suspended license charge and not the drug charges. As of June 28, Dustin is still in jail awaiting arraignment.

June 29, 2023 – Dustin posts his bond and is released.

Love During Lockup Tai and Hottie
Hottie is still locked up in federal prison with a release date of June 22, 2028. We’ve got some additional details on Hottie’s arrest in our Love During Lockup Season 1 Inmate Chart post linked above.

Love During Lockup Louie
LOUIE (Melissa)
Louie is still serving his 20-YEAR SENTENCE (!!!) for armed robbery and is currently in custody at the Phillips Transitional Center in Georgia. From the facility’s website: “The Phillips Transitional Center is a minimum-security facility for adult male felons who are nearing the end of their sentence with the Georgia Department of Corrections…The mission of the center is to help the residents make a successful transition back to society by providing both social and employment skills.”
November 29, 2022 – Louie is released from custody.

Montana Millz real name Michael Persaud mug shot full
MICHAEL (Justine)
As mentioned above, Michael (aka Montana Millz) is currently on parole after being released from a Pennsylvania prison on October 7. I do not know if he is currently living in a halfway house or with his new bride, Justine. I am guessing that the duo rushed their wedding so that she would officially be his wife upon release, which would allow him to live with her? That is purely speculation though. We’ll have to watch the show to find out more!

Love During Lockup Chelsea's boyfriend Mike or Mikey
MIKE / MIKEY (Chelsea)
Mike is currently incarcerated at the Roederer Correctional Complex in Kentucky. The Kentucky Department of Corrections lists Mike’s “institution start date” as August 12, 2019. His parole eligibility date is February 1, 2023 and his “good time release date” is October 27, 2029. The site lists Mike’s “maximum expiration of sentence date” as March 9, 2035.
The DOC site lists Mike’s conviction information which includes identity theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, tampering with evidence, and jumping bail. He received five years each for four of the charges, and one year for the bail jumping. The identity theft was sentenced at a different date, so it appears that Mike’s other four sentences were consecutive? That would total 16 years.
February 1, 2023 – Mike is released on parole. It appears as though he and Chelsea were still together at the time, and they were reportedly filming!

Love During Lockup Sincer-A Facebook
Sincer-a (yes, that is her legal first name) is still in custody in Washington. I have been unable to find a projected release date for her, but Sincer-a was sentenced to 130 months in May of 2018. Without taking parole into account, that would mean she should be released in March of 2029. If you’re curious what Sincer-a did to merit such a hefty sentence, you can read all about her charges here.
I should note that Mark is being billed as a serial inmate dater, similar to his co-star Tai and Season 1’s only male non-inmate, Max. If Mark winds up dating another inmate(s) this season who is featured prominently on the show, I will update this post to include her. (Or him?)

Be sure to follow along with all the incarceratorial relationship drama this season with new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8 c on WE tv!

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