LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lizzy slams Daniel, confirms split, explains scar on her chest and more

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Appearing on a reality show is risky business. When you sign that contract you are basically agreeing to let producers and editors piece together hours and hours of footage into mere minutes, allowing them to craft their own narrative and “reality” that can be vastly different from the actual reality. The end result can be quite unflattering and very frustrating.

That is apparently the case with Love After Lockup‘s Lizzy Copeland, who is dating convict Daniel on the current season airing on WE tv. After nine episodes, Lizzy had enough and took to Twitter to UNLEASH on the haters, the producers, and Daniel in an epic tirade with all sorts of behind-the-scenes information!

In addition to confirming our story that she and Daniel are no longer together, Lizzy also shares some information about her own past legal issues, reveals how she got that scar on her chest, and clarifies exactly what happened leading up to Daniel’s arrest and conviction. In addition, she responds to those asking why she never visited Daniel when he was in prison by claiming that it was in part because he was still using drugs while incarcerated!

I could pull sensational quotes from Lizzy’s tweets and fill out the post with my own commentary, but I feel that would be selling her short. So, I will include her tweets completely unabridged. Given that there are so many interactions, I will break it down by subject for those of you not wanting to go the full Lizzy. (Although I highly recommend reading through all of it!)

Lizzy’s tweets are in bold, while the other tweets are in italics.


TWEET: Pshhhh??the haters, ♥️♥️ no need to explain anything
LIZZY: I just hate all this negativity. If these people knew the whole story, they’d probably still find a way to make me the bad guy. When all I ever tried to do was love Daniel. ??
Yea cuz men do no wrong?? You will always have someone hating I feel like it’s life IDK why but ppl suck! Don’t let it get to you girl! Your actually my fav?? Chin up! I think you could do better anyway??‍♀️

You are such a sweetheart. Omfg. ❤❤

Aww thanks I try! Lol I felt like I had to say something to you! I read some comments and it makes no sense to judge someone you don’t even know!

I guess it’s easier to judge what you don’t know than it is to judge what you do know. There’s a lot of “behind the scenes” situations that nobody knows about and refuse to accept. And as painful as that is, I suppose I have to deal with it…

Love After Lockup Lizzy quote about the haters and negativity

I wish I could explain how hurtful all this sh*t is… Between watching the show and reading all the hateful comments about me, but the editors are only showing the worst sides of me. I promise I’m a decent person. ??

The hateful comments are from people who have nothing better to do than watch “reality” tv shows that are edited for maximum drama. These are people that don’t mean sh*t in the grand scheme of your life. I can only imagine how hard it is, but try to think of it as them commenting about a character on a TV show because in actuality, with editing they are getting some fictional character and not the real you. Keep your head up and keep on doing you. Soon it’ll be over and they’ll move on to something else.
Probably some of the most inspiring words I’ve read. You are too kind. ❤❤


What’s that thing on her chest? It drives me crazy.
It’s a scar from a cigarette burn I got when I was 15.
Does Daniel’s girl have a third nipple?
No, it’s not a 3rd nipple. It is a 3rd degree burn scar from the cherry of a cigarette that landed on my chest when I was 15. Y’all are ruthless.

This is a sh*t photo, but this was 6 years ago when the burn was fresh.

Love After Lockup Lizzy chest scar

Yikes! I hope it was an accident and not something done to you on purpose.
It was a freak accident. ?


So are you and Daniel still together??

No, we aren’t. @starcasm wrote a whole article about it.

Hey Lizzy, are you guys still together?



Ummm Lizzie why not leave the bar?!?
I tried. But the producers told me no. ??‍♀️
I was thinking the same thing. But that would be an intelligent decision. She doesn’t look like she’s capable of making one.
That’s a little harsh. ?

I agree. That comment wasn’t necessary. Although I stand behind why she didn’t just leave the bar.

If y’all watched the show, I DID just leave the bar. After smoking a cigarette because of a panic attack I had, I told Daniel and my friends we were leaving. Seems y’all just wanna be rude though.

I’m sorry that there’s rude people but I feel like we can see things that you can’t cuz we are subjective not being in that relationship. You work too hard for your sobriety to go down with an ex-con and his crazy mother. I’m sorry if that hurts but that’s actually a compliment.

You legit said I looked incapable of making an intelligent decision. That doesn’t sound like a compliment.
You’re getting my tweets mixed up. I said that you were right and I apologized. The compliment is you’re too good for Daniel and his clan. So I’ll say it again. I was wrong and I apologize for saying you couldn’t make an intelligent decision ❤

LET ME JUST PUT THIS OUT THERE. 1 the bar was Daniel’s mom’s idea. She wanted to give him a rerun of a 21st birthday he never had due to being locked up. 2 maybe I drink a little more than most, but I am still CLEAN FROM PILLS. 3 if I could have left the bar, I would have!

That’s funny it was his mom’s idea considering she doesn’t like him drinking ?
We talked about it like a month before his release. She’s just mad she wasn’t invited. ?? She drinks Captin Morgan but acts like I’m the devil for drinking Twisted Teas.
?? Priceless
I bought her four shot size bottles and they were gone within a 24 hour period. ??

To be clear, I threw the rock at Teresa because she called me a c**t, not because she called me an alcoholic. But the editing crew didn’t want y’all to know that. ??‍♀️
Somebody tell me why Lizzie and Daniel couldn’t just leave the bar. Sometimes its not worth it to prove how bad you are.
Because we signed contracts. When being filmed like that, you don’t get a say in what is or isn’t filmed.
Well you’re better than me because as soon as dude texted me I’d have been sitting in the car ready to go.

I tried. I’m sure it wasn’t aired though. ??‍♀️??‍♀️


Lizzie is still about that life. Daniel needs to go home and not get involved with this ish.
I ain’t though. But alright. ?
Oh OK It seemed like you were really scared that he was going to find out you were still in it. I root for you on this show but that scene was sketch…
You’re right, it was sketchy. Because half of the story is missing. Welcome to reality TV, where all the sh*t that actually matters is left out.

Damn Daniel’s momma was right about this girl. She messy as hell and not because of drinking. Popping pills running drugs and messing with dudes. She gonna have him back in jail behind some bullsh*t.

Right. Because Daniel doing meth is so much better than the past I lived, 3 years ago. Alright.

Love After Lockup Lizzy says she didn't visit Daniel in prison because he was still using drugs


Girl don’t even….no fu**ing way you were too busy to visit your man in prison…who are you trying to fool!! I worked a full time job over 40 hours a week plus had a kid and I still found time to visit once a week!! You were too busy going out and being a hoe..fake af prison gf.
Wanna know the real reason why I didn’t visit Daniel? Because he was still doing drugs while he was locked up. He wasn’t f***ing clean. And he and his mom begged me to help pay his drug debts. I didn’t want anything to do with Daniel until he was clean.

But you can continue the name calling. Acting like you’re better than me because you wasted your time visiting someone in prison. While I focused on my future and my goals. If putting myself above a meth head is such a horrible thing, so be it. But I don’t regret any of it.

I focused on my goals as well and still visited. Wasn’t a waste either as he’s been out over 3 years and we’re still together and doing great ??‍♀️ if he was doing drugs then why did you wait for him??? Why even bother staying with him lol Sounds like an excuse.


Did two people just admit to crimes on television though?! Hiding money from a robbery and being a drug dealer. ???!!
I paid my dues for when I was doing/selling drugs. So I can openly talk about it without any backlash.
I’m ready for Lizzy’s secret to come out.
The reason why I didn’t get charged is because my ex before Daniel took the rat for me. He went to my lawyer and confessed to the drugs being his. I am not a snitch. ??

Glad to know Lizzy ?

Let me also add, that the person who snitched on Daniel was a girl he was f***ing around with after he left my apartment the day of the raid. Because her mom or aunt is a PO and she ratted him out to her family. I didn’t have anything to do with his arrest.

People are cruel and only ever seem to be happy when bringing others down. @queenlizzy413 you are my favourite on the show. You are proof that you can fight addiction. I’ve been through addiction and unfortunately people never want to believe we can change & it’s always thrown back at us.
I just don’t understand why people are commenting on my addiction when Daniel’s the one that went to prison for meth.
Yo! Sooo, do you search the hashtag and just respond to sh*t? Like, you’re messy as f*** on screen, him too and it’s not a good look. I would be entirely surprised if cops don’t knock down your door about dealing. But, it looks like you got your life together so there’s that.

Girl, I dealt 3 years ago and paid my dues for it. What the f*** are cops gonna do now? ???
Yea so I’ll give u some free legal advice about mentioning dealing and running drugs on TV. Stay in school girl.
Y’all act like I wanted to open up about my past. If I could’ve kept the lid on, the can wouldn’t have been opened.

They make you say that sh*t? Like, some sort of entrapment? But, like you said, you paid your dues so duck what we say. I just didn’t remember the scene where you said you had gone to jail or else it would have connected when you said that. A ? would have went off like Ooooh.

Because the show isn’t about my past. It’s about Daniel’s. There’s a lot sh*t that I did and didn’t do that isn’t televised. I’m made out to look like some piece of sh*t alcoholic. When all I do is work, go to school, and love my dogs. ??‍♀️

You are definitely right about that, and unfortunately they like to bring up y’all’s past too. So I’m going to pray they didn’t try some sh*t to make you say that. But it don’t look like y’all together no more from what I read. Continue to boss and glow about you and your pups.


[NOTE: This interaction appears to be between Lizzy and a friend who was there during the drug raid that resulted in Daniel’s eventual arrest.]
For starters, y’all are pathetic. I didn’t snitch on Daniel. I didn’t cheat on Daniel. And I ain’t still about the drug life. Yes, I received a text from my old crew about the wires. Y’all trying to conspire against me but won’t even give me a shot to explain.
So I think after the show’s done and over with I think we should get Hunter and talk about exactly what Danial did that day. I think we should talk about all the behind the scenes. Just saying, Lizzy is a crazy b*tch but just wait till you know behind the scenes. F*** Daniel!!!

F***, open up the play book to all the sh*t he did? Sounds like a good plan because everybody is tripping.

Exactly I’m fed up seeing how people talk about you with this show. Do we really have to go over everything? lmfao. I hope not because we’d destroy him. You did so much for that pr*ck and I saw first hand. I say f*** Twitter go look at YouTube comments they are more supportive of you.

Love After Lockup Lizzy on Twitter

Dude these people are ruthless. And when I try to defend myself, I’m “messy”. Nah. What’s messy is how Daniel ran with his tail between his legs when the cops showed up at my door. Making us take the rat for his drugs. That’s what’s f***ing messy.
Let’s also not forget that everyone in my apartment that day had his f***ing back and didn’t throw him under the bus. Saying “idk who that dude is” so he could continue to be on the run from wood pilot. Until Cheyenne turned his *ss in. That wasn’t us.
Exactly. Let’s not forget how many people told us he was a snitch when he first came around… shout out to Abby.
The one thing Abby did right was warn us about his hoodratted *ss.

Who left his bag of spice which was 90% of the raid lol? And we snitched? Oh hell the f*** no. He was on felony probation and on the run and he told Hunter’s PO three answers to three prepared questions. And he was gone. It looks like he threw you under the bus, let’s be honest.

That’s exactly how I see it. He left all his sh*t and bounced. I took the rat for all of it because Hunter flipped while he was in jail. I never mentioned his name to my lawyer or my judge. Fought that sh*t for 4 months. If it wasn’t for Anthony, I would have been locked up.

Lol well I told my PO the guy on the couch was on the run that’s all I know. No name, nothing. I was told that I could be saved from jail and he would forget about the dirty UA if I threw him just a little bit of info, but I shut my mouth. If I didn’t I would’ve been off that month.
The look on Hunter’s PO’s face though when we all said, “idk who that guy is” and she preceded to judge us for having a stranger in the apartment doing drugs. ? The f***’s really going on here?
Hahaha ??? for f***ing real dude. Like what a dumb b*tch. Than asks why me and Hunter were hanging together, and I go I’m just Lizzy’s best friend I didn’t know he was here… Never gonna get over when she threw him into the wall and handcuffed his *ss! ??? Priceless.

All because he hid in the bathroom instead of jumping out the window like a dumb *ss. ?

Oh f***!!! That was priceless.

It’s always good to be reminded that these are real people on the “reality” shows we’re entertained by. I’ve liked Lizzy and Daniel from the start of the season, but I’m definitely a much bigger Lizzy fan now! And her wild past with Daniel and her other friends sounds like it could have been a sitcom. Like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, except in the middle of Idaho. They could just simply title it Idaho Falls.

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