LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Dom’s wife Mary is pregnant with their 2nd child

Love After Lockup Dom's wife Mary pregnant again

Congratulations to Love After Lockup Season 1 couple Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora as the couple just announced Mary is pregnant with their second child!

Mary made the announcement on Instagram with a couple photos of herself showing off her baby bump and holding a string of sonograms. She captioned it with the Ace of Base song title β€œAll That She Wants is Another Baby.” Mary also added: “FAMILY OF 4 COMING DECEMBER 2021 πŸ–€ #AceOfBase #TwoUnderTwo #ExpectingMama.”

Mary’s Instagram account is set to private, so unfortunately I am unable to embed the gallery here. You can click the link above to get to Mary’s account, then just give her a follow if you aren’t already!

As mentioned, this will be Mary and Dom’s second child together. They welcomed their son Ari Cristiano in April of last year. Unfortunately for the new baby, he or she will have to deal with all the issues that go along with having a big brother who is super fly. Check out this photo of Ari posted by Mary earlier this week:

Love After Lockup Dom and Mary's son Ari

Lil dude is the COOLEST! 😎

Love After Lockup does not have a very high relationship success rate overall, but the first season is doing surprisingly well. Mary and Dom are one of three couples of the original six that are still together, or at least still together as far as I know.

Angela and Tony are married and definitely look to remain a couple. Andrea and Lamar are reportedly still together, but I admit I don’t know what’s going on with them right now.

As far as Love After Lockup children go, Mary and Dom’s second child will be the franchise’s seventh between cast members after appearing on the show. In addition to the Dalla Nora duo there are Marcelino and Brittany’s two children, Michael and Sarah’s second child, Shane and Lacey’s child, and Maurice and Jessica’s child.

Michael and Sarah had a child together before filming for the show, as did Andrea and Lamar via the infamous prison closet. Tracie Wagaman recently gave birth, and although the dad is a former (and current) inmate, he was not a Love After Lockup cast member.

Enough Love After Lockup trivia… Congratulations to Mary and Dom! For fans wanting to see more of their family on screen, that is probably not going to happen. Mary has been very open about her disappointment in regards to decisions made by producers in terms of what kinds of stories would be told on Love After Lockup. I don’t think they will be back, unless it is part of a spin-off with some sort of guarantee that it would be mainly a positive show about their successful relationship post-prison release.

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