LOVE DURING LOCKUP Chelsea sued her dad Steve in 2019 for fraud, filed for restraining order, more

Love During Lockup Chelsea sued dad Steve, filed restraining order after alleged suicide attempt

The on-screen tension between Love During Lockup‘s Chelsea and her dad Steve is obvious, but it’s quite surprising they are even on signing terms given that Chelsea sued Steve just a few years ago for allegedly taking her insurance money after a house fire! She even filed a restraining order against him because he allegedly berated her while she was in the hospital — after she tried to kill herself and he saved her life!?

We will start with Chelsea suing Steve. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in September of 2019, there was an electrical fire at Chelsea’s home in January of 2019. “As a result of the fire the interior of the home was damaged, including some appliances,” the filing reads.

Chelsea filed an insurance claim and “upon information and belief, the claim was approved and there were two checks issued pursuant to the insurance claim, totaling $19,781.81.”

The lawsuit claims that Steve “involved himself in the claims process, including meeting with and discussing the scope of work with the insurance adjuster.” Chelsea alleges that Steve claimed to be “capable of handling the needed repairs” and he “hired another individual to do work at the home.”

Steve, Chelsea and the man reportedly hired to do the repairs were together when Steve allegedly “exerted undue influence and pressure on [Chelsea] and forced her to sign an unknown document in connection with this project.”

Chelsea says she wanted to let her mother read the document first, but Steve “insisted [Chelsea] sign the document without giving her the opportunity to have the document reviewed by her mother.”

Steve reportedly asked “on a near daily basis” whether or not Chelsea had received her insurance checks in the mail, “cautioned [Chelsea] not to go to the bank by herself and that he should go with her,” and “encouraged [Chelsea] to cash the insurance checks and bring the cash to his house for safe keeping.”

Chelsea says that she did give the insurance money to Steve and “upon information and belief, [Steve] is keeping the funds in a safe at his residence.”

Chelsea admits in the lawsuit that there was some work done to repair the house and the damaged appliances, but the work was subpar at best. From the filing:

The repairs that were undertaken failed to meet the required workmanlike standard.

There are still exposed wires in the home.

Appliances have not been installed.

The HVAC is not working properly.

These exposed wires are a danger to the children who live at the home.

Chelsea also claims that she was left out during a call with the insurance rep that included Steve and the repairman he hired.

[Steve] has made a concerted effort to control the information [Chelsea] has received regarding her claim and the repairs of her residence.

The worked called for under the scope of work approved by the insurance company has not been completed.

The repairs that were undertaken failed to meet the required workmanlike standard.

Chelsea alleges that Steve promised to do some of the work himself, like replace some of the damaged light fixtures. But, he “has made it clear that he will not complete the repair project or cure the defective workmanship,” the lawsuit reads.

Chelsea says she needs to recover the insurance money so that she can hire a contractor to “complete her repair project.”

As a result of all the allegations, Chelsea says she was suing Steve for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, conversion, and fraud.

Chelsea needs to recover the funds being held by Steve in order to hire a contractor to complete her repair project.

Chelsea files restraining order against Steve

Things got VERY heated between Chelsea and Steve during the course of the lawsuit. In January of 2020, Chelsea filed for a restraining order against her dad after he allegedly confronted her while she was in the hospital.

Here is a very long excerpt from the restraining order filing using just first names for Chelsea (Plaintiff) and Steve (Defendant):

* * * * * * * * * *
Chelsea has been, and continues to be, harassed, threatened, and intimidated by the Defendant, Steve. A recent incident which transpired between the late hours of January 4, 2020, and January 5, 2020, are illustrative of the Defendant’s demeanor towards Chelsea for pursuing legal recourse to protect her rights.

Late in the evening on January 4, 2019, Chelsea was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware for a medical emergency. This emergency stemmed from the recent passing of Chelsea’s boyfriend, and is of a highly personal nature. While at Grady, the Defendant (Chelsea’s father) showed up without invitation. While in the presence of her minor son, the Defendant began berating and threatening Chelsea with imprisonment, claiming she was committing fraud by suing him to recover her insurance proceeds. The Defendant’s demeanor was threatening and intimidating, and otherwise very inappropriate in front of a minor child. Moreover, Chelsea believes the Defendant may have been drinking, which he has a reputation for doing. The Defendant knows his daughter to be deaf, and in a vulnerable state which makes her more susceptible to harassment and limits her ability to defend herself. Despite this knowledge, the Defendant continues his aggressive behavior.

Chelsea did not invite the Defendant to the hospital, nor did she want him there. She has asked that he not be allowed to see her further. Chelsea has been transferred and admitted to Columbus Dublin Springs. She anticipates being discharged within the next couple of days, and she is fearful that the Defendant will continue to harass and intimidate her, as he has prior to the recent incident. In addition to harassing and intimidating Chelsea, the Defendant has been harassing Chelsea’s mother, [redacted], and her husband, [redacted].

The Defendant’s behavior has not changed since before this lawsuit was filed. There is no indication that he will voluntarily refrain from continuing to harass and intimidate Chelsea and her mother. Therefore, Chelsea has been forced to seek Court intervention to protect her.

Chelsea and the Defendant do not live in the same household.

Chelsea is asking that this Court grant her request and issue an order restraining the Defendant from having any contract, either in person, via phone, text, e-mail, or otherwise; that the Defendant not be permitted to contact her minor children; and that the Defendant be restrained from any further contact with her mother, [redacted]. Additionally, Chelsea requests that this Court grant her reasonable attorneys fees for having to bring this Motion before the Court, as this circumstance is wholly outside of the substance of the pending litigation and under normal circumstances would not be a necessary action.
* * * * * * * * * *

Steve filed a response to the motion for a restraining order asking that it be thrown out due to being improperly filed. Chelsea’s attorney never responded with information requested by the court and the motion for a restraining order was denied by a magistrate as a result in June of 2020.

Chelsea vs. Steve lawsuit results

Chelsea voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit against her dad Steve on September 9, 2020. There is no information about whether or not Chelsea and Steve were able to reach some sort of agreement about the settlement money.

The house that Chelsea filmed in for Love During Lockup is the same house that had the fire in 2019.

Chelsea was hospitalized after alleged suicide attempt

Chelsea mentions in her motion for a restraining order against Steve that she was in the hospital “for a medical emergency” and “this emergency stemmed from the recent passing of Chelsea’s boyfriend, and is of a highly personal nature.” Thanks to another court filing, we know a little bit more about Chelsea’s medical emergency.

The father of one of Chelsea’s children (not her son featured on the show) filed for custody on January 6, 2020. In the motion, the man reveals that Chelsea allegedly tried to commit suicide soon after her boyfriend died of an overdose, and it was her father Steve who saved her life.

Below is a lengthy excerpt from the affidavit with the names of the father and child redacted and only Chelsea’s first name.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am the biological father of the minor child, to-wit: [redacted], dob: [redacted].
Chelsea is the biological mother of the minor child, to-wit: [redacted], dob: [redacted].

On January 4, 2020, the Defendant’s boyfriend overdosed on illegal drugs and died as a result of the overdose.

On January 5, 2020, Plaintiff’s wife received a phone call a from the Defendant’s mother. Defendant’s mother informed Plaintiff’s wife of the following:

The Defendant drove to Delaware State Park beach where the Defendant attempted to commit suicide by injecting herself with illegal drugs. After iajecting herself with illegal drugs, the Defendant walked to the water and laid down in the water with the hopes that once she passed out, that she would drown, ensuring that the attempt at suicide would be successful.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and pinged the Defendant’s phone in an attempt to locate her. Defendant’s father found the Defendant in the water and pulled her out.

Upon arrival, deputies from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office transported her to Grady Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment.

The Defendant was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital, and later transferred to a mental facility in Dublin, Ohio, on January 6, 2020.

I fear for the safety and well-being of my child.

I fear that if custody is not given to me by way of this Ex Parte Order, that [redacted] will be in imminent danger.

The Defendant has a history of mental illness and has been previously diagnosed with bi-polar and Schizophrenia.

As stated above, I do not believe [redacted] is safe in the care of the Defendant and the Defendant cannot provide for our child.

I am willing and able to care for and provide for a safe and secure home for my child, [redacted].

* * * * * * * * * *

On the same day that the father made the filing, there was an ex parte order designating the father as “the residential parent and legal custodian of the minor child until further Order of this Court. Law enforcement shall assist in obtaining custody of the minor child and giving the child to [Plaintiff]. Bond shall not be required.”

In March of 2020, Chelsea and the father entered into a custody agreement designating him him as “the residential parent and legal custodian of the minor child.” The agreement states that Chelsea is entitled to visitation and it otherwise seems to align with a standard custody agreement. Chelsea was also exempt from having to pay child support.

Mary from the Kiki and Kibbitz YouTube channel recently shared some startling claims about Chelsea based on sources she spoke with. I can only verify the claims mentioned in the custody filing above. I have found some information about Chelsea’s arrest history, and hope to post about that soon.

Here is Mary’s video — but be forewarned that Mary DOES NOT hold back in her opinion of Chelsea!

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