LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Roommate steals Kurtis’ stuff, he starts GoFundMe

Love After Lockup Kurtis King theft

It has been a very rough year for Love After Lockup “weenie” Kurtis King. The 32-year-old got into a halfway house parking lot fight with another man over a woman getting out of prison, and he got knocked out cold with one punch — all of which was filmed and aired on national television.

Just prior to the knockout airing, Kurtis was arrested for assault stemming from an unrelated incident.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Kurtis just revealed on social media that his roommate allegedly stole everything that Kurtis owned except his bed and some sneakers. “My house was robbed by this guy my ‘roommate,'” Kurtis wrote in his Instagram stories on Monday, along with a screen cap of this Facebook post:

Love After Lockup Kurtis King roommate theft GoFundMe

The Instagram story post included a link to a GoFundMe campaign started by Kurtis with a goal of $3,000. Here’s the description from the fundraiser:

Need helping rebuilding my life.. I was robbed blind…ive been quiet about this for 2 months but for those who dont know. I moved out to rockwall in February. Into a rent house. Renting a room… found on Facebook…Had 2 roommates. This was one of them “nate” jhonathon harris. Him and his girlfriend robbed me while i was gone. Literally stole everything i own. He even has the nerve to be rocking my puma shirt in his recent profile picture. Lost 2 Tv’s,every piece of clothing i had, all my shoes, a projector, my laptop, all my sports memorabilia. Stuff ive had my whole life. I had well over 100 pair of shoes in my closet. He left 7 pair…….

It’s unclear if the alleged theft happened while Kurtis was in jail back in March. The timing does seem to line up with Kurtis being “quiet about this for 2 months.”

In addition to his posts asking his followers for some financial support, Kurtis also called out Nate on Nate’s Facebook page. Nate seemed unbothered. Here are some of their interactions, starting with comments posted under the photo of Nate wearing Kurtis’s Puma shirt:

KURTIS: Literally my shirt.
NATE: But who wearing it??
KURTIS: What I ever do to you to have you steal out my house???
NATE: Yeah Ok.
KURTIS: (With a screen shot of his Facebook post about the theft) This post numbers running up. Give me my stuff back.

KURTIS: Thief alert.
NATE: You a whole fruitcake potna. I ain’t even finna entertain allat.

Kurtis returned to Instagram the day after he posted the GoFundMe to share more details, including that police won’t get involved due to the alleged thief being Kurtis’s roommate:
Kurtis King roommate theft

Kurtis also posted a series of video clips recorded inside the home that appears to show dog feces everywhere. “Thank god I got Brody out!” Kurtis captioned the clips, referencing his dog named Brody. “They left 3 of their dogs behind when they went to jail. Sh*t everywhere 🤭 Even in the tub, Closets emptied too 😮‍💨”

If you’re curious about Kurtis’ claim that his former roommates went to jail, I checked Texas jail records and it does appear that Nate was arrested on April 15 of this year on a charge of Failure To Identify Fugitive / Intent to Give False Information. Nate has quite a few prior arrests as well, many of them for marijuana possession. Here is one of his mug shot photos taken in June of 2021:
Kurtis King roommate Nate

As if everything mentioned above wasn’t bad enough, Kurtis shared a Facebook post in January indicating that he was having a really bad time. This was before his arrest, the Love After Lockup episode with his knockout, or having his stuff stolen by his roommates. (He does mention being “robbed then ghosted” though?) Here’s what Kurtis wrote at the time:

I been through ALOT. More than most id say. And it wasn’t cool. Life sucked for a while. One thing goin wrong after the next. While “friends turned aquantences” drug me and my name through mud. I been lied to, Cheated on by the LOML. Robbed then ghosted in the same day. Ive lost it all. Been to prison for a crime i didnt do. Judged by strangers, judged worse by peers. Ive had “friends” leave me hangin when i needed em. Ive spent nights alone after bein broken by another human. Cut off by loved ones. Stabbed in the back by family. Taken advantage of over and over… And yet…lm still out here loving like ive never been hurt 🙏🤝🫀 Takin chances and stepping out of my comfort zone. Why can no one match my energy?? Im about to turn 32 years old and ive never been “in love” No kids never married. Not even an engagement..Cmon now. We all hurt. Everyones Damaged.. carrying baggage, self conscious and stressed out. Stop playin games with people and be happy. The power of positive thinking will change you. Manifest

We sincerely wish Kurtis the best and hope that he’s able to turn his 2021 around. Perhaps WE tv could document the turnaround as part of a new spin-off titled Life After Knockout?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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