LOVE AFTER LOCKUP John and Kristianna’s divorce is final, John has already moved on

Love After Lockup John and Kristianna divorce is final, John has a new girlfriend

Love After Lockup‘s Bonnie and Clyde are officially done. The divorce between Season 4 couple John Miller and Kristianna Roth was finalized last month.

Kristianna announced in January that she and John had broken up, and Kristianna went back to jail in March. John and Kristianna had overcome splits and re-incarceration before, but this time a reconciliation was not in the cards.

“Finally living,” John posted on Facebook on June 8. “Divorce is done.” Iowa court records confirm that their marriage was officially dissolved on May 27. John filed for the divorce on March 9.

As Love After Lockup viewers are well aware, John is not one to remain single very long. He stated on the show that he was married four times before Kristianna, and he openly admitted that he couldn’t remember how many times he’s been engaged.

Two days after John filed for divorce, he officially announced that he was dating a new woman named Crystal Elaine. Since the March 11 Facebook announcement, John and Crystal have been pretty much inseparable online. They even launched a joint YouTube channel called Dr. Clyde and The Librarian.

In case you were wondering, it does appears that Crystal works as a library assistant.

Things seem to be going well for the couple, and John shared this very positive Facebook message on June 3:

I guess sometimes when you change your life and start doing the right thing everything falls into place a big thanks to the people that are closest to me and the people that I have met because of them.

I looked into Crystal, and it appears that she has had some relationship issues as well as legal issues in the past. She also states that “My boys are my life” on her Facebook profile, and there is a photo of her with three young men posted in April. That would suggest that she has three sons. I believe Crystal is 40 years old, while John is 49.

We wish John and Crystal all the best! We will keep our eyes peeled for another pickup truck bed wedding!

What happened to Kristianna?

As we previously reported, Kristianna was arrested in late March. Piecing together court records from multiple counties, it appears as though Kristianna was pulled over for speeding in late March. In addition to not having a valid driver’s license, Kristianna also had a warrant out for her arrest in another county stemming from an unspecified parole violation.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that jail records indicate Kristianna is currently on work release. Her parole discharge date is listed as March 11, 2023.

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