Author: Asa Hawks

Sister Wives Did Kody Brown and Christine break up? Did she move back to Utah?

It has been an incredibly difficult season for Kody Brown and his four sister wives, culminating in an incredibly dramatic finale that ***SPOILER ALERT*** hints that Christine Brown may be leaving Kody and her three sister wives behind. The season finale was filmed last summer, so what has happened in the mean time? Did Christine leave Kody? Keep reading for all that we know!

TLC Unexpected Season 4b ratings plunge, down 66% vs Season 3

TLC had a breakout hit with its teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected, culminating in a third season that averaged more than 1.4 million viewers per episode. After more than a one-year break, the show returned in December and averaged roughly millions views a week over seven episodes before taking a mysterious six-week break. There have been five episodes since the show returned on a new night on March 15, and none of those episode have managed to even crack 500,000 viewers.

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs updates on daughter Mylie Grace, mom, show regrets, Cameo, more

Our prison interview with Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lindsey Downs continues with the third and final installment. In our first two posts, Lindsey talked with us about her recent arrest and charges as well as her relationship with Scott Bradshaw. In this final segment, Lindsey opens up about her daughter Mylie Grace, her grandmother Brenda, her thoughts about appearing on the show, doing Cameo videos from prison, offering merch for sale, and more. She also humored us by addressing fans’ questions about Scott’s lip, her infamous fashion choices, and whether or not OnlyFans is in her future.

16 & PREGNANT Taylor Luck, Desmond, Armani criminal histories & updates

The 16 and Pregnant Season 6 finale episode looks to be quite the doozy! 18-year-old Taylor Luck is pregnant and dating a good friend of the baby’s father. (That’s a certain recipe for drama, as evidenced by Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant‘s Rachel Beaver!) In addition to the relationship drama, pretty much everyone involved in Taylor’s story has had legal issues as well — including Taylor. Keep reading for the details on the alleged illegal activities of Taylor, baby daddy Armani, and boyfriend Desmond. Plus, info on Taylor’s son Monty — and his brother?!

LINKS Magic Mike reality competition, Jax tax woes, Jorge Nava is a dad…

DLISTEDThere’s a Magic Mike reality series in the works featuring aspiring man candy hoping to win a spot in the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas. The show will be on HBO Max, so viewers may be getting the R-rated full Monty!

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Bring me my red bag with the diapers!” Former 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava is a dad!?

REALITY TEADumped Pump Rules dolt Jax Taylor reportedly owes $1.2 million in back taxes. Jax lays the blame on his “bad bookkeeper,” which might actually be true given that he is probably in charge of his own books.

CELEBITCHYPrince Philip passed away on Friday, and Prince Harry will reportedly “do his utmost to get back to the UK and be with his family.” It’s unclear if Meghan, who is currently pregnant, will be making the trip.

VOXFor those of you out of the loop on the underage sex trafficking scandal surrounding Congressman Matt Gaetz, Vox has a full recap.

LAINEY GOSSIPKristen Cavallari says it’s harder raising girls than boys because of the drama, Channing Tatum releases a children’s book, Britney Spears gets vaccinated, and much more in Lainey Gossip’s Celebrity Social Media roundup!

THE BLAST Travis Barker’s heavily tatted body is a living “Where’s Kourtney?” spin on the popular “Where’s Waldo?” game. Can you find her name?

TAMARA TATTLESThe unbelievably crazy life of Phaedra Parks’ former partner in crime, Angela Stanton, continues. The convicted felon was pardoned by Donald Trump earlier this year, and she attempted to surf the MAGA wave into political office by running for John Lewis’s seat in the US House of Representatives. (That didn’t go well.) Angela, who has changed her last name to Stanton-King because she is the God daughter of one of MLK’s nieces, recently taped an episode of Dr. Phil in regards to one of her children being openly trans. It seems that episode went worse than Angela’s run for Congress.

THE GRACE REPORT – VIDEO INCLUDED Teen Mom OG recap featuring Amber Portwood getting dragged by Gary, Leah and Kristina.

REALITEASQUAD – VIDEO INCLUDED Get a recap of the Girl S#!t podcast failure to launch fiasco, including the post-implosion reactions from Girl S#!tters Jenelle Eason and Deavan Clegg.