Author: Asa Hawks

90 Day Fiance fans boycott Big Ed, raise $12k for domestic abuse hotline

After a disturbing phone conversation between 90 Day Fiance star “Big Ed” Brown and his 90 Day: The Single Life co-star Liz was leaked online, numerous bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers decided to boycott mentioning him in their coverage of the shows. The hosts of the Reality Gays and 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray podcasts were also inspired to launch a Facebook fundraising campaign for The National Domestic Violence Hotline. Keep reading to get details on the fundraiser, listen to the phone call, and check out the online petition asking that Big Ed be removed from TLC that already has more than 26,000 signatures!

Love After Lockup Courtney & Josh spoilers: Why was she arrested? Are they married?

In the previews for the new season of Love After Lockup, fans are introduced to Courtney and and her convict boo Josh. So why are we shown a mug shot photo of Courtney?! “I met Josh when I was a corrections lieutenant,” Courtney explains. “I was sentenced to 60 days in jail.” Also in the previews, we get to see Josh out of prison and proposing to Courtney. So, why was Courtney arrested? And are Courtney and Josh married?


Sidian Jones’ 1st wife Jennie Dschaak starts GoFundMe, disputes Seeking Sister Wife narrative

The “first wife” of Seeking Sister Wife star Sidian Jones is speaking out — and asking for money! A couple days after we broke the story that Sidian’s current “wife” Tosha Jones was charged with felony theft on the same day that Sidian’s first wife was charged with felony burglary back in 2016, his ex has posted her side of the story, which is much different than what Sidian and tosah said on screen. She has also launched a GoFundMe in hopes of raising money to in her fight to regain custody of the two children she has with Sidian.


Gabbie Egan confirms Deavan Clegg pregnancy, recaps Jenelle Eason Girl Sh*t podcast drama

The fallout from the implosion of the infamous Girl Sh*t podcast that never was continues. Three weeks after a lawsuit was filed in part over claims that former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason was fired from the podcast, former Girl Sh*t participant Gabbie Egan is sharing her side of what went down — including a confirmation that 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg told her (and many others involved with the project) that she was pregnant.


SPOILERS New season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premieres August 17

TLC has just officially announced that Whitney Way Thore and pals will be returning for a brand new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesday, August 17! In addition to revealing the premiere date, TLC also shared TONS of spoilers about what viewers can expect to see this season, including Buddy living with Whitney, Babs health concerns, and Whitney dating a new man… from France?!

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones charged for felony with Sidian’s 1st wife in 2016

It appears that Seeking Sister Wife couple Tosha and Sidian Jones left a little out when sharing their relationship history with TLC cameras. They openly talked about how Sidian was married to his first wife when he met Tosha, and how they eventually invited her to be a sister wife. What they didn’t mention is that Tosha and Sidian’s first wife were both charged with felonies — one for burglary and the other for theft — on the same day in 2016!