Doubling Down With The Derricos divorce and bankruptcies timeline

Many Doubling Down With The Derricos fans are openly wondering if finances contributed to Deon Derrico and Karen Derrico filing for divorce earlier this month. The couple has a well documented history of financial issues, including five different bankruptcy filings since 2011.

Keep reading for a complete timeline of their bankruptcy filings, as well as information on how long each of them have to wait before filing again.

Anna’s dying wish was for her husband Eldridge to have custody of Kaitlyn, not Mama June

In tonight’s episode of Mama June: Family Crisis June confronts her daughter Anna Cardwell about not making a will to determine who will get custody of her kids. During their conversation Anna makes it clear that she wants her daughter Kaitlin to go to her Eldrige, Anna’s husband. How did she end up with June instead?

90 DAY FIANCÉ New Michael Eloshway child p0rn arrest details

Federal prosecutors have released details about the child p0rnography possession charges against 90 Day Fiancé Season 1 star, Michael Eloshway. According to a new court filing, Eloshway was in possession of 7,182 photos and videos depicting child p0rnography when he was arrested in June of 2023.

Eloshway admitted to agents that he was in possession of the files, but they were part of large batches of downloaded files and he planned to delete them.

Keep reading for all the disturbing details from the latest court filings, including Eloshway’s defense!

Are The Kardashians becoming Christian influencers?

While many still can’t get over Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape from 17 years ago, true fans are noticing the tides are shifting as the family begins to publicly worship religion more than fame.

As they talk more about Jesus and the power of prayer in the media, have the Kardashians become Christian influencers right under our noses… or is there more at play?