LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey and fiancee Kayla mug shots after he allegedly burned their house down, Santiba reacts

Love During Lockup Santiba and Talsey

On the season finale of Love During Lockup, viewers saw former inmate Talsey McCullough giving his ex, Santiba Webb, a phone call after ghosting her upon his release. Santiba was none too happy about the call, and she turned to screaming before eventually hanging up.

As WE tv often does after finale episodes, they shared text updates on the cast members at the very end. “Santiba has met a new guy,” her update read, “he’s serving 10 years on a drug charge.”

There was no update for Talsey, so let me help get everyone caught up. Talsey is currently in jail in north Georgia on a felony arson charge after allegedly burning down the house that he and his fiancée were living in.

His arson arrest was on February 8, which was 4 days after he was arrested on an aggravated assault charge that was categorized as “family violence.” Talsey’s fiancée, Kayla Miller, was also arrested on February 8 and charged with hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

Kayla is the woman that Talsey started dating soon after his prison release in May of 2020. (Yes, he was released a year and a half ago.) They met while he was in the halfway house, and they remained a couple up until the arrests earlier this month.

We previously shared Talsey’s mug shot photo from his February 4 arrest, in which he is wearing a suicide smock vest. Now we have Talsey’s mug shot photo from his arrest on February 8. We also have Kayla’s mug shot photo taken the same day:

Talsey McCullough arrest Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup Talsey's fiancee Kayla Miller mug shot arrest

Kayla bonded out soon after her arrest. Talsey is still listed as being in custody.

Santiba Reacts To Talsey’s Arrest

After we posted Talsey’s February 4 mug shot photo, someone sent it to Santiba. She reacted with a post shared on Facebook and Instagram. The post included a written message from Santiba, as well as some photos of her wearing a convict costume and posing for her own mug shot photo:

Love During Lockup Santiba Talsey mug shot costume

After I saw Talseys mugshot tonight, I started reflecting back.. even after what he had put me thru seeing that mugshot broke my heart 💔 stumbled upon these pictures tonight while looking thru some old stuff. I had dressed up as a prisoner that halloween and wrote I ❤️ 97292 on white tape..which was his inmate number. I also wrote on a chalkboard “indecent exposure” which was my pretend charge 😂 the booking number was both of our birthdays. Just a lil’ extra to add to my old story.

Santiba responded to some of the comments on the post:

COMMENT: Santiba, Do u want to go back to him? if u do then it will b a vicious cycle of the same things, He will not stay faithful to u, U will keep secrets from u, it just will not end well for u!!! Stay strong and move on from him!!!
SANTIBA: Oh god no lol… that will never happen. I have no respect for him but The decisions he made and the direction he went bother me.

COMMENT: Santiba, I get that completely. I have an ex who was incarcerated and I didn’t always agree with some of his decisions and the paths he chose. We were together for 10 years, and always remained friends. He was the love of my life. He passed away in 2020.
SANTIBA: I’m sorry for your loss.. him and I didn’t remain friends but it still makes me kinda sad knowing that he never got his life together for his family ya know.

COMMENT: Girl I love the costume hate he did you wrong.
SANTIBA: Yea me too… but now I font feel bad for me just his family.

COMMENT: So you mean to tell me that dumb-ass got in trouble again is back in jail.
COMMENT: Yes AND apparently the stupid gf got in trouble for trying to hide him when police were e looking for him after he burned her house down.. and she’s on fb saying that people don’t understand his mental illness and that she forgives him and still wants to help him….. Craziness!!!! Smdh.
SANTIBA: She was his mental illness smh.. she’s a moron.

COMMENT: Guarantee he will be contacting you again from prison lol.
SANTIBA: That would be funny af I’d draw him a picture of a middle finger and I’d send it to him.

COMMENT: Na…DONT waste your $ on a damn stamp, he ain’t worth it!!
SANTIBA: Omg 😂😂🤣 that just made me LOL ❤️

COMMENT: Cute costume idea, don’t allow yourself to be sucked in again! It’s so easy, but if u step back you can see manipulations! I had to learn the hard way! Love and light.
SANTIBA: I would never even think about talking to Talsey again… he is not a good guy whatsoever.. I saw the red flags the whole time.. he was one mistake I would never revisit 🙌

More from Santiba’s Instagram post:

COMMENT: I can’t believe he did that.
SANTIBA: Honestly I don’t know what happened but I’ll say this. I believe it was either unintentional or she was in on it cuz ain’t no one in their right mind gonna hide someone that just set fire to their dwelling. I have my own speculations on what happened and it’s not insurance fraud.

Santiba shared the following message just prior to the Love During Lockup finale airing on Friday night:

Tonight, my Talsey story will be coming to an end. I wish him well, I always have.. wanted nothing but happiness and stability to surround him… It’s time to completely close that door tho… forever. I’m seriously so grateful to have been given this opportunity to share my story with everyone. I’ve met some pretty amazing people these last couple months whether it be via DM or us having active conversations on my posts 🥰 Ya’ll are amazing & I promise, I’ve learned my lesson with Talsey… only good guys with good vibes welcomed now ♥️

Ps not only do I make fuzzy boots I also distress my own jeans and shirts 😂🙌


Santiba mentions that “only good guys with good vibes welcomed now,” yet it stated at the end of the finale that she is currently seeing a guy serving 10 years for drugs? Hmmmmm… She might need to open that textbook again and study that lesson some more! 😉

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