2021 New season of Love After Lockup cast photos, bios & spoilers

Love After Lockup Season 4 cast photos

The new season of Love After Lockup premieres on Friday, June 18! In addition to a CUH-RAYZAY new preview trailer, we also have photos and bios for all six of the new couples to be featured this season!
We will kick things off with the preview trailer, which seems to suggest that thsi season may be one of the most dramatic yet! (And with Love After Lockup, that is really saying something!)

Now, let’s meet the couples!

Daonte and Nicolle from Love After Lockup

Daonte and Nicolle

(Newport News, VA and Troy, VA)
Daonte is known for falling fast and loving hard, but Nicolle isn’t Daonte’s first inmate! When Daonte first fell in love with an inmate, prior to Nicolle, he spent so much money on her that eventually, he had to move back in with his mother. Prior to prison, Nicolle lived a wild life and was known for being a party girl. Will conservative Daonte prove exciting enough for Nicolle? Will Nicolle’s wild ways be more than Daonte can handle?
SPOILER: Do Daonte and Nicolle get married? Are they still together?

Love After Lockup Rachel and Doug

Rachel & Doug

(Wa rren, MI and Kincheloe, MI)
Rachel met her new love on Write a Prisoner and after two previous prison relationships she’s convinced the third time’s a charm! Rachel and Doug got married while he was in prison and have never been intimate before. A ladies’ man and a true bad boy, Doug has been in and out of prison since he was 18 and has an 11 year old son whom Doug believes Rachel is too soft on and plans to get the household into shape when he is released. He has never been faithful in any of his relationships but thinks things will be different with Rachel – a hard working woman who is able to provide for him and his son. Is Rachel his true love or is this just more baloney?
SPOILER: Are Rachel and Doug still together?

Courtney and Josh from Love After Lockup

Courtney & Josh

(New Vienna, OH and Toledo, OH)
Courtney fell madly in love with inmate Josh during her time as a corrections lieutenant. Their relationship was discovered, Courtney was fired, ultimately sent to jail and is currently still on probation. However, this allowed her to pursue the relationship further and soon after Courtney and Josh were married in prison. The couple were married by proxy and neither were present for the wedding. But did they really know what they were getting themselves into when saying ‘I do?’
SPOILER: Are Courtney and Josh still together?

Love After Lockup Britney and Ray

Britney & Ray

(Spring, TX and Beaumont, TX)
Britney comes from an accomplished family that has the same expectation for her future partner. However, Britney’s current relationship could topple it all… she’s dating an inmate she met on Facebook. Ray had a really hard life. The death of his mother sent him spiraling into trouble. Ultimately, Ray landed in prison for selling drugs. Britney is desperate to get married and at 32 feels her chance at having a family is slipping away. Can Britney get her mother to approve, or will this couple move forward without her mother’s blessing?
Details on Ray’s arrest as part of a multi-state Walgreens burglary ring

Anissa & Jeffrey

(Manchester, TN and Oakdale, LA)
Anissa and Jeffrey met 10 years ago on a pen pal website, and after a few letters they switched to phone calls and their exclusive relationship began…or so she thought. Anissa has put all of herself into the relationship – emotionally and financially. Jeff was supposed to be released to Anissa twice before, and both times he bailed on her making her friends wonder if Jeff is even real at all. This is Anissa’s final attempt at a happily ever after with Jeff. Will this release be her third swing and a miss at love?

Love After Lockup Stan and Lisa

Stan & Lisa

(St Louis, MO and Chillicothe, MO)
Stan is a retired millionaire who’s full of life. After his wife passed away in 2012, he did what any wealthy man in his position would do: find a young attractive woman to date. Stan and Lisa met in 2017 on a dating site, Seeking Arrangements, and only met in person once before Lisa got locked up. After about a year and a half with her still incarcerated, they reconnected, and fell in love again.
Check out a timeline of Lisa’s mug shot photos from 2011 to 2020, plus a recent selfie!

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