LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey Downs shares update on Scott from prison

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs prison interview

Love After Lockup star Lindsey Downs is currently serving 24 months in federal prison in Alabama. We spoke with Lindsey at length, and in the first installment of our interview she shared details about her recent legal troubles that landed her back behind bars with an expected release date of March, 2022.

In the second part of our interview, Lindsey sheds some light on her relationship with Scott Bradshaw.

“When you are watching the show, you don’t get the whole story,” she explains. “I just wish people could have seen more of what went on…You didn’t get to see Tara Belle and I cleaning the house for HOURS AND HOURS every day for a week getting ready for Mylie Grace to come over. You don’t see Scott going through my things and making actual photocopies of my journal entries and quotes.”

The Xerox copies thing would explain what viewers saw on the show, which we drew attention to in a previous post:

Speaking of suspicious, that describes the scene in which Scott finds the entry in Lindsey’s notebook. In addition to seeming a bit staged, the paper that Scott holds up in the scene looks to be a Xerox copy.

OK, let’s get back to what Lindsey has to say.

“The cameras weren’t there when he would get belligerently drunk or the time he was so drunk he tore out of the driveway running over things in the process,” Lindsey alleges. “The fans of Scott Bradshaw didn’t know that when I moved out he kept me from getting Mylie Grace’s laptop, her Xbox, and her bed that he CLAIMED he had bought her.”

Scott was generous enough to return a few items at least. “Two weeks after filming, Scott threw all my and my daughter’s stuff in my mom’s yard while she was gone and informed me he was keeping everything my grandmother had purchased ‘for the house'” in addition to Mylie Grace’s laptop, Xbox, and bed.

Lindsey revealed in the first part of our interview that she was unable to retrieve any of the items herself after Scott allegedly got himself a firearm.

“I still had a lot of things in the house that I was planning to get later on, but Scott texted me informing me he had put a ‘weapon’ in the house and wouldn’t allow me to return for my things.”

As many are probably aware, Lindsey is a convicted felon and would not legally be allowed to enter the residence if there was a firearm present.

So, does this mean Scott is completely out of Lindsey’s life? “ABSOLUTELY!” Lindsey tells us. “Scott wrote me one time after I had been locked up, but of course I didn’t respond. I have nothing to say to him.”

Lindsey shared a photo of Scott’s letter on Instagram:

“I had dropped all contact with Scott and blocked him on social media weeks before I was taken into federal custody,” Lindsey says.

So what is Scott up to? Is he still living in Olive Branch, Mississippi even though Lindsey was the only reason he moved there? “I have no idea if Scott is still living in the house he ‘purchased’ for us since I haven’t spoken to him since I moved out, but I can tell you he was two months behind on RENT at the time I was living there.”

And what about Lindsey? Is she ready to move on from Scott with someone new?

“After lots of debate, I have decided to renew my profile on,” Lindsey tells us. “Scott is so far from what he portrayed himself to be, I have spent the last 6 months totally against the idea of trying for a new relationship, especially a new penpal! However, my friends have pushed me to not assume everyone is like Scott and to not let him affect my chance of happiness in the future. So, expect to see me back on the website within the next 2 months and *fingers crossed* for better luck next time!”

At the time of this post, Lindsey has not created a new profile on If that changes, we will update with a link. UPDATE – Here’s a link with all the details on Lindsey’s new profile!

Thanks again to Lindsey for taking the time to speak with us. Be sure to check back for more from Lindsey, including an update on her daughter and more!

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