LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Raydean arrested again last week

Love After Lockup Raydean arrested again 2022
Viewers of Love After Lockup season 6 will remember motorcycle-riding Rick, his dentally challenged love Raydean, and Rick’s Dungeons & Dragons loving roomie, Ramona. Rick met Raydean at his motorcycle club and after hitting it off, he waited for her to serve her jail time. One thing poor Rick didn’t realize was Raydean had a “wifey” in prison and planned on being with her when she was released.

Rick soon became tired of Raydean’s indecisiveness and her insistence on being with her bae Kay once she completed her prison term, whether Rick was on board or not. He eventually gave Raydean the boot, much to his roomie Ramona’s delight. Rick has since moved on to a new relationship, as shown on his Facebook page, and Ramona says they have all moved on with their lives since Raydean moved out.


Unfortunately for Raydean, it looks like she is still up to her old ways. As Instagram blogger Merrypants was the first to report, Raydean was arrested again on October 8, 2022 in her home state of Texas.

According to online jail and court records, Raydean was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and and three counts of possession of a controlled substance. Two of the controlled substance possession charges are misdemeanors, but one of them is a second-degree felony.

In Texas, a second-degree felony conviction means 2-20 years in prison. Given Raydean’s extensive criminal history, combined with the fact that she was still on parole, things do not look good for the 30-year-old.

Jail records indicate Raydean’s $2,500 bond was posted the same day she was arrested, but we can safely assume it was not by Rick, Ramona or any of Rick’s family members. Rick’s sister commented on the news of Raydean’s arrest saying: “Good for her after what she did to my brother! And I promise you he won’t be accepting any of her calls. He’s moved on with a wonderful lady who treats him well.”

Unfortunately, the timing of Raydean’s arrest looks like it could spoil a potential reunion with her wifey Kay. Kay is currently behind bars, but the Texas Department of Corrections lists her parole eligibility date as January 13, 2023. That is probably right around the time that Raydean will be sentenced.

We will keep an eye on Raydean’s case and will update with any major developments. Meanwhile, we are still working on our Love After Lockup Season 6 recidivism chart. Be sure to check out the continuously updated charts for the other five seasons! They show which inmates were arrested again, which ones weren’t, and which ones are currently behind bars!

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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