LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Chazz and Branwin divorce final, she’s now cam girl Sasha Syn

Love After Lockup Chazz and Branwin's divorce is final, Branwin is now cam girl Sasha Syn

Congratulations are in order for Love After Lockup star Chazz Harbison! And for Branwin too! Chazz just confirmed that the couple’s divorce is finally official, ending a marriage that seemed to be over after about three hours.

“I haven’t said much about this, but my divorce was finalized December 22,” Chazz captioned a photo of himself on Instagram. “I have no reason to mention the dumpster fire or the dump again. Life is good.”

Chazz has been very open about his regrets marrying Branwin less than 24 hours after she got out of prison. However, referring to his fifth wife as a “dumpster fire” seemed to rub a few of his followers the wrong way.

“That was your mistake,” one commenter wrote. “Everybody makes mistakes, it’s only human. But talking ill about someone you loved at some point in your life talks volumes about your character, not hers. Much ❤️ to you.”

“Well that’s my Cross to Bear,” Chazz replied, “and I don’t have anything nice to say about her, but I also refused to not say anything at all when I am celebrating parting ways with her. I’m sorry I didn’t use the same tactics you would but that’s why I am not you that’s the beauty of being people. We’re all slightly different.”

The Instagram announcement wasn’t actually the first time Chazz confirmed the divorce as he previously revealed the official split during a recent live with YouTubers Kiki and Kibbitz.

What about Branwin’s recent arrest?

As we previously reported, Branwin found herself back behind bars in July of last year. She was initially charged with theft, but that was later dropped. However, she still faced a felony parole or post prison supervision violation. She also got into trouble for driving without a license, insurance, or proper registration.

Branwin was found guilty of all of the driving charges. According to VINE, Branwin is currently out of jail, but under community supervision.

Branwyn is cam girl Sasha Syn

Branwin didn’t need an official divorce to move on from Chazz, as evidenced by her online escort profile mentioned on the show. That profile was under Branwin’s escort alias Bailee Bane.

Branwin has also ventured out into cam girling and online p0rnography under another alliterative alias, Sasha Syn. It’s unclear when Branwin officially became Sasha Syn, but she started her Twitter account under that name in November of 2022. Let me see if I can find another SFW tweet to embed…

If you’re curious what PDX Peaches is in reference to, it’s an adult club of some sort located in Portland, Oregon. From their website:

PDX Peaches, LLC is a privately owned business that prides itself on quality shows, exciting and custom events, a clean and sensual environment, and talented women to provide unforgettable private shows that will keep you coming back for more.

For her online content, Branwin/Sasha works with Mr. Cox Productions, which includes adult entertainment couple Michael Cox and Vivian Cox. Actually, most of Sasha’s Twitter feed is Vivian, with just a couple videos of herself. One of the videos that actually does include Branwin bills her as “Auntie Sasha.”

If you visit the MC Productions website you can get the full video description, which begins:

Lucky you! Auntie Sasha has come over to house sit for your Mom while she’s out of town, and while she’s clearing the table in her sexy little lingerie outfit she accidentally drops the silverware…

It looks like there are only four videos on the MC Productions website featuring Branwin, including the “Auntie Sasha” video, a threesome video, and an “amateur MILF” audition clip. Perhaps her relationship with them lasted about as long as her marriage to Chazz?

Branwin’s daughter Arienne joins Onlyfans

Branwin isn’t the only one in her family getting in on the online sex industry hustle! Her daughter Adrienne, who was working as a stripper when she appeared on Love After Lockup, has joined Onlyfans!

I can’t link directly to her site because of advertising issues, but you can find her under her username bigbootysapphire. That is also her Instagram username if you want to follow her there.

As far as I know, Chazz does not have an Onlyfans account or an online adult entertainment alias. That could change at any moment though, so stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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