LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daniel Valentine arrested for DUI after wife files for divorce

Love After Lockup Daniel Valentine arrested again 2021

It’s been one year and one day since we shared the news that Love After Lockup star Daniel Valentine got married to a woman named Zanna after dating for a little more than six months. Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage lasted just about as long as their courtship. And it appears that Daniel is not taking the break up well.

According to court records, Zanna filed for divorce on February 25. There was no activity on the case for roughly four months, and on June 30 there was a notice of proposed dismissal filed.

Perhaps hinting at a reconciliation, there is a Facebook page for Daniel and Zanna that indicates the couple “got married” on June 7. On the same day, the account uploaded a gallery of 17 images of the couple together and looking quite happy. Another profile image of Zanna and Daniel hugging was uploaded on June 19.

Continuing to use social media as an indicator, something must have gone really wrong between June 19 and July 4. On July 5, Daniel uploaded a rather solemn looking selfie and captioned it by writing: “Yeah f**k this sh*t #nof**ksgiven.”

Here’s the photo:
Love After Lockup Lizzy's boyfriend Daniel Valentine update

It was Daniel’s first Instagram post since April 5, and it sparked this interaction in the comments:
COMMENT: Where the hell you been???
DANIEL: Jail and divorce 😢

COMMENT: Oh damnit… I thought you two were working it out that’s why you took time away… So sorry friend, praying things get better for you.. You were missed..
DANIEL: 😢is what it is …

Daniel arrested for DUI

Daniel’s comment about jail sent me back to the courts where I was able to confirm that he was indeed recently arrested.

On July 3, Daniel was charged with driving under the influence (second offense), open container, marijuana possession, and advertising drug paraphernalia for sale. He was also cited for speeding, so it is likely that was the reason he was initially pulled over.

Daniel posted his $1,900 bond and was released. In his mug shot photo (at the top of this post), Daniel can be seen wearing the same shirt he is wearing in his Instagram selfie.

The Idaho Department of Corrections website does not list Daniel as still being on parole. His prison release, as featured on Love After Lockup, was in January of 2019.

On July 5, Daniel posted another selfie on Instagram. “I’m over the sh*t,” his caption begins. “I’m not ok I’m not doing ok 👌 for those that keep asking I’ll eventually find my path again … until then 🤘✔️”

The post sparked this interaction with Daniel in the comments:
COMMENT: On a positive note – your eyes look like crystals.
DANIEL: 😍 Thanks … sober looks better I guess.
COMMENT: If they’re sober in this picture than YES!! I’m doing the sober thing too if you ever need extra support.

DANIEL: They are and have been for awhile now just going threw shit with alcohol now

COMMENT: I just stopped drinking in January because it just wasn’t serving me. Yesterday was hard with the holiday. With everything you’ve overcome – you’ll eventually move beyond this too! It’s a depressant and makes us feel worse than we already do. Temporary bandaid. But you’re a human and quitting everything is hard. Focus on the days you were successful – not the days it hours that you got stuck.
DANIEL: Thanks 🔥means a lot to hear this ❤️

We wish Daniel the best and hope he’s able to get through this difficult time and land back on his feet — completely sober.

UPDATE – Daniel’s divorce was finalized on March 18, 2022.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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