Chance Pitt out of jail, crash update, girlfriend leaves him for her ex?

Life After Lockup Chance Pitt and girlfriend Alyssa break up after his arrests?

Brad Pitt’s alleged cousin continues to deal with the consequences of his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad December.

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Earl Chance Pitt had a bond hearing earlier today stemming from his December 28 arrest for felony motor vehicle tampering, and the 43-year-old got a rare bit of positive news.

Chance’s cash-only bond was previously set at $25,000, but the judge granted his attorney’s motion for a reduction. His new cash-only bond is set at $5,000.

Perhaps Chance was able to borrow some cash from Bobbo because he bonded out early this evening.

Life After Lockup Earl Chance Pitt reduced bond

Chance has a preliminary hearing scheduled for February 22. I could find no court cases stemming from Chance’s DWI arrest on December 8 or his truck crash on December 18. Chance was arrested roughly 12 hours after the crash and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, but it appears prosecutors are still deciding what charge(s) to pursue.

Chance Pitt truck crash update

Speaking of Chance’s truck accident, the wife of the semi tractor trailer driver whose truck overturned after colliding with Chance’s GMC Sierra has provided some additional information about the crash and her husband on Facebook.

The woman was interacting with commenters about the accident and revealed her husband’s truck was “completely crushed except the driver seat.”

A commenter stated she hoped that the woman was doing OK, which resulted in this response:

It’s rough. I had to pass the wreck to get to the hospital. I actually was on scene about an hour after it happened and then again later that day when they were attempting to move the truck. I also helped him get stuff out of his rig afterwards at the towing company so I was all up on the truck.

He thought he just had a road rash basically on his shoulder. About day 2 after the wreck he was having a lot of pain and went back to the hospital. He has to see an orthopedic surgeon now.

He is still out of work. Having a major wreck on him he will have issues getting another driving job even tho it’s not his fault if he is let go from the company he is at.

Another commenter asked what happened, and the woman shared some of what she knew about the accident:

[The driver of Chance’s truck] ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of my husband on a major highway. We believe he didn’t even have his headlights on… not a 100% on that one tho.

The rig rolled off the left side of the road. He was on his 2nd roll when the truck came to a stop on its top.

The pickup went off the right side. The driver of the pickup got out on the passenger side and fled the scene.

There’s more to it but I can’t put it on here so I don’t jeopardize the case.

The woman shared this before-and-after photo collage of her husband’s truck:

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt truck crash photos

UPDATE – On January 12, the wife of the other truck driver shared some information on how her husband is doing after the accident:

Figured I’d give everyone an update on Josh, many have messaged asking me so here is the results from his cat scan and MRI. He has a contusion on his shoulder bone. He also has a strained neck. He will be out of work for atleast another 6 weeks while doing physical therapy. We greatly appreciate everyone checking in and asking how he is doing.

The support and love we have received is completely amazing and we are truly grateful for each and every one of you guys. All the prayers, phone calls, and messages means more than you know.

Chance Pitt hit and run

As we previously reported, Chance allegedly made things much worse for himself after leaving the scene of the accident.

According to police, Chance stole a female hospital worker’s car from the parking lot of a nearby hospital soon after the crash. He later used the woman’s credit card that was in the vehicle to make purchases at multiple convenience stores.

Chance went into the police station to report his pickup truck stolen on December 28, which was 10 days after the crash. During an interview with detectives, Chance seemingly confessed to being at the scene of the crash in addition to stealing the woman’s car and using her credit cards.

He was arrested and charged with a felony count of tampering with a motor vehicle in the first degree and a misdemeanor count of fraudulent use of a credit card.

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt's girlfriend Alyssa mug shots

Chance’s girlfriend leaves him for her ex?

As Starcasm previously reported, Chance left Tayler and started dating a 24-year-old woman (and Love After Lockup fan) named Alyssa late last year.

It seems Alyssa wasn’t willing to wait on the outcome of Chance’s recent charges because she has reportedly returned to the man she left in order to be with Chance.

Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz first hypothesized Alyssa and her ex-fiancé Charles were getting back together because he was being very unresponsive to Mary’s recent inquiries. Plus, Charles was apparently trying to get Alyssa’s pet rabbits back from a rescue facility. The rabbits (and multiple dogs) were allegedly left in an abandoned house Chance and Alyssa were squatting in. (I’m telling you guys, Chance’s life over the past couple months has been crazy!)

Amber Keltner later shared a photo of Charles with a young woman who looks like Alyssa cuddled up in bed. “Last couple of days has been amazing over and over again,” Charles captioned the image, adding a red heart emoji.

Life After Lockup Chance Pitt's girlfriend Alyssa is back with her ex fiance Charles?

Alyssa must be VERY persuasive because Charles was clearly irate after she left him for Chance the robber. Here is a punctuationless Facebook post Charles shared on Alyssa’s wall on November 11, and a comment he left on the post:

POST: [Alyssa] your telling all these lies but i just heard your saying i was abusive to you your a liar you had ulterior motives for leaving so you left your a big girl your allowed to leave a relationship if thats what you want to do but their is no reason to sit here and tell lie after lie after you leave just for attention and try to play victim and make people see me differently and make excuses for the reason why you left instead of just saying the truth which you clearly have a problem doing now i’m making sure a little truth gets around

COMMENT: You left me trying to get attention now your lies has my attention lets see how this goes

In addition to allegedly accusing being accused of being abusive, Charles told Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz that Alyssa cheated on him with his son! But, he still took her back!

UPDATE – Tayler’s sister Bobbie shared a link to this article on Facebook and Tayler responded by claiming Chance and Alyssa are now back together! Chance also responded, and I think he’s talking about the mug shot photo of Alyssa that we used?

Chance Tayler Bobbie Starcasm

UPDATE – There were rumors that Tayler was the one who posted Chance’s bond, and @merrypants shared a meme about it on Instagram. Tayler responded in the comments denying the rumors:

TAYLER: Not sure why this is a rumor 🙄🙄🙄

MERRYPANTS: Is it not true? Allegedly you picked him up and he’s at your place.

TAYLER: Look he might be the father of my kid and I don’t wish Il for him or on him but I’m surely not gonna pay $500 to get him out. Smh. He cost me enough money as is! Idk why that’s a rumor, but that’s ridiculous…

We will continue to monitor Chance’s case(s) and share any major updates, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here’s Mary’s recent video on Chance, Alyssa, the dogs, the rabbits, and Charles:

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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