LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Chance arrested for DWI & hit and run 10 days apart

Love After Lockup Earl Chance Pitt arrests and mug shot photos

Life After Lockup star Earl Chance Pitt has gone completely off the rails! In addition to dumping Tayler for a 24-year-old Love After Lockup fan, Chance has been posting x-rated videos on social media and was arrested twice in the past month.

According to Missouri State Police records, Chance was arrested for DWI in St. Charles County, Missouri on December 8. The time of the arrest is listed as 2:35 AM.

On December 17, Chance participated in an Instagram live stream with Geo Malak. Tayler also joined the stream and things got REALLY messy between the two, which makes sense given their recent Facebook feud. Here’s the full live with Geo:

Chance mentions during the stream that he has to leave to go to work early in the AM.

At roughly 1:20 AM on December 18, a semi tractor trailer collided with a GMC Sierra on Highway 61 near North Lincoln Drive in Lincoln County, Missouri. “The semi overturned, blocking the southbound lanes of Highway 61 between Highway 47 and North Lincoln Drive,” First Alert 4 reported.

More from First Alert 4:

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the front of the SEMI struck the left side of a GMC Sierra traveling eastbound. Both vehicles left the roadway, but the SEMI overturned after traveling off the left side. The driver of the SEMI, a 26-year-old man, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The vehicles were towed from the scene and crews began to clean the crash site.

First Alert 4 also had video footage from the scene of the crash, in which you can see the overturned semi. Toward the end of the clip you can see the pickup truck that was hit, but not very clearly.

Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz posted a video about the accident and presented all the evidence pointing towards Chance being involved.

It was later confirmed that Chance was the driver of the pickup truck. According to Amber shared police scanner audio from the scene that reveals police found information identifying Chance’s new girlfriend Alyssa in the passenger side door. They also found multiple citations with Chance’s name on them.

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt's pickup truck GMC Sierra

Amber reveals that Chance had a suspended or revoked license. Here is Amber’s video:

According to Missouri State Police records, Chance was arrested almost exactly twelve hours after the accident. He was charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash and was later released.

I couldn’t find any information that indicated which driver was believed to be at fault in the crash.

At the location of the crash, Highway 61 is a divided highway. From the information provided by the Missouri State Police, combined with a satellite image of the immediate area, it appears as though Chance was taking a left turn onto Highway 61 from North Lincoln Drive (eastbound) when he was hit by the semi. If that is the case, then Chance would likely be at fault.

There are no 2023 court cases listed for Chance on the statewide Missouri court system website. He is currently still on parole from his 2014 robbery convictions, which resulted in a 22-year prison sentence.

While researching Chance’s recent arrests, I noticed that he has an open court case listed on VINE. There are three court dates listed for December, 2022, January, 2023 and February, 2023.

I contacted the court clerk and was able to confirm there was a case, but the clerk said she was not allowed to provide any additional information about it. She did say that she understood why it didn’t turn up in the statewide court search.

We will continue to look into Chance’s multiple arrests and (theoretically) his multiple court cases. And I assume he will be facing a parole violation as well? Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Chance was arrested for a third time in December of the 28th. He faces a felony charge after allegedly stealing a woman’s car out of a hospital parking lot where she worked less than an hour after his crash on the 18th. Chance is also facing a credit card fraud charge after allegedly using the car owner’s credit card to make purchases at multiple convenience stores.

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