LOVE DURING LOCKUP Haley arrest details, photos without black and white hair

Love During Lockup Haley arrest and different hair photos

Love During Lockup single mom Haley Cole is getting a lot of resistance for dating bad boy Dalton Edgin, who has a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt. However, Haley is not stranger to being behind bars herself!

Haley was booked into a Texas jail on August 23, 2019 for driving while intoxicated. The date for the offense is listed as January of 2018. However, Haley wasn’t charged until June of 2018.

After a drawn out court process, Haley was eventually convicted in July of 2019. She was sentenced to 13 days in jail with one day credit for time served.

Jail records indicate that she was booked on August 23 and released on September 9. That’s a difference of 17 days. The case docket includes a Motion to Serve Sentence During Off-Work Hours on July 23, so perhaps Haley was able to serve her 13 days non-consecutively?

UPDATE – We now have more information about Haley’s arrest from the police report.

Here are Haley’s mug shot photos from her booking:

Love During Lockup Haley arrest

Haley Love During Lockup arrested

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the other profile photo of Haley with the just the dark half of her trademark Cruella de Vil ‘do.

Was Haley’s DWI connected to her car wreck?

Haley revealed on Love During Lockup that she was seriously injured in a car accident that resulted in her getting a large monetary settlement. That accident was not related to her DWI.

The car accident that resulted in Haley’s injuries was on August 31, 2020. Haley shared numerous photos and videos throughout her recovery process, and wrote this caption to a graphic Instagram hospital selfie on September 1:

And just like that my life almost ended. I am so thankful and grateful to be here today. Although I broke my neck in 3 places – 30 stitches, and staples in the back of my head, plus a broken toe.

6-8 weeks out of work and 2 months in a neck brace 24/7. Lord Jesus help.

I’m hurting so bad – so please all my Instagram friends please pray for me. I am having surgery on my neck and I am terrified 😫

To all my besties and my AMAZING family that have been here to visit, pray and show me love – THANK YOU.

I have searched for Haley’s civil court case that resulted in her settlement, but have had no luck so far.

Haley without black and white hair

Haley explained on Love During Lockup that she knew Dalton in high school, and WE tv shared throwback photos of her that look to be from her high school days. In the photos, Haley had her trademark black-and-white hair, which had me assuming that the 27-year-old has had the same hair style for a decade. That is most definitely not the case!

Haley seems to always go back to her Cruella de Vil look, but she has changed out her hair color numerous times over the past ten years. I’ve compiled a few examples of some of her different hair colors and styles over the years:

Haley from Love During Lockup with different hair

Love During Lockup Haley and son Hendrix

Love During Lockup Haley with ex Jarrett and son Hendrix

Haley from Love During Lockup throwback photo without black and white Cruella hair

I’ve been a big fan of Haley’s two-tone Cruella look from the first time I saw the Love During Lockup extended preview trailer, but I will concede that she looks great with pretty much any hair color!

To see how Haley and Dalton’s relationship plays out, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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