LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Shavel’s apartment burns down, GoFundMe started

Love After Lockup Shavel apartment fire

Love After Lockup star Shavel Rice-Moore has launched a GoFundMe campaign after “everything was destroyed” in an apartment fire.

Shavel shared the news about the fire on multiple social media platforms on Thursday. “Life is short,” Shavel began a caption for a gallery of images showing her apartment after the fire. “I lost everything.” Shavel later assured her followers that her 7-year-old daughter, Mi’elah, is OK.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Shavel’s pets. She revealed that she lost two young dogs in the fire named Kolby and Stony. Shavel also stated that she “almost lost” her friend Kanvas.

“I’m lost I’m in disbelief pain I’m alive keep me in your prayers,” Shavel continued her caption. “Please keep me in your prayers strong prayer’s 🙏🏿 Thank you advance to everyone.”

Here’s the Instagram post with video taken inside the apartment after the fire:

The apartment fire was in Texas. Shavel mentioned that she recently moved to the Dallas area, so I am assuming she wasn’t in the apartment long prior to the fire. She also stated in another Instagram post that it was an electrical fire:

I been receiving a lot of phone calls text messages the link is in bio or check my story. I appreciate the support but honestly I need prayers because I’m going thru it I’m devastated everything is gone My dogs died it was a electrical Fire I’m thank god were alive 🙏🏿 keep me in your prayers

That Instagram caption accompanied a screen cap of a GoFundMe campaign hoping to raise funds to help Shavel and her family recover from the devastating effects of the fire. Here is her description from the GoFundMe campaign:

Hi my name is Shavel. Today the worse thing that could happen took place. My apartment caught on fire and everything was destroyed. Our cloths, our furniture, etc. My 7 year old daughter and I have to start over. If you can find it in your heart to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

The GoFundMe campaign has a goal of $10,000.

Love After Lockup Shavel and Quaylon

Shavel’s on-screen love interest Quaylon also posted about the fire on social media, confirming that he was living with Shavel and Mi’elah. He says in an Instagram clip that the Red Cross was putting the family up in a hotel for the night.

I checked local Facebook groups and it appears that the Lewisville Fire Department were dispatched to an apartment fire at 9:23AM Thursday morning. Those apartments match the ones in the photos and videos posted by Shavel.

Shavel and Quaylon apartment fire

Shavel apartment fire

Here is Shavel’s Facebook gallery of images and video of the damages to the family’s apartment due to the fire:

Our thoughts are with Shavel, Mi’elah and Quaylon. We encourage everyone to visit Shavel online (Instagram, Facebook) and send her positive thoughts and support. For those able to donate, the GoFundMe link is included above.

UPDATE – Shavel shared a video of the fire captured by a Ring camera:

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