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AUDIO Lala Kent calls Scheana Shay fake, talks 50 Cent feud ahead of Vanderpump Rules Season 8

There may be a bit of a feud brewing between Lala Kent and Scheana Shay ahead of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 (which actually makes a feud much more likely!). Lala had some strong words for Scheana, calling her the “Vanderpump Rules cast member who changes the most when the cameras are on.” Lala also had some interesting thoughts on co-star James Kennedy — and she managed to tiptoe around the huge social media tiff between herself, fiancé Randall Emmett, and 50 Cent from earlier this year.

EXCLUSIVE How is Christina Phillips now? My 600 Lb Life star on her ‘blessed’ life, possible follow-up episode

She’s gone from a frightened 708-pound woman to one of the biggest success stories in My 600 Lb Life history — so how is Christina Phillips now? And will the Season 2 and Where Are They Now? star be back with a new episode anytime soon? We spoke with Christina about her time on the show and her life today; keep reading for the exclusive details, plus brand-new pics!

Britney Spears’ bodyguards allegedly took bribes from paparazzi for the infamous shaved head pic

There’s a new wrinkle in the story behind one of the most famous tabloid images of all time. According to a just-aired documentary, the Britney Spears bodyguards may have taken bribes from paparazzi when Britney shaved her head during her 2007 troubles. Esther Tognozzi, the owner of the salon where Britney did the deed, shared her version of events with a British camera crew filming for Britney Spears — Breaking Point. Read on for the details…

LINKS Demi Lovato interview, Trump booed again, Meghan Edmonds talks divorce…

THE BLASTThe first Demi Lovato interview since her near-fatal overdose saw the 27-year-old feeling optimistic and calm about what the future holds. Lovato, who took a year off following the overdose, told an audience at the Teen Vogue Summit that she sees herself as “a fighter” and added she doesn’t regret anything in her life because “I love the person that I am today”

CELEBITCHYDonald Trump got booed at a major sporting event again: last week it was Game 5 of the World Series; this week it was a UFC fight at Madison Square Garden. I know it was New York City and all, but I feel like a UFC fight is maybe closer to Trump’s base?

VOXAnd speaking of the president: It turns out that if you have a spare $100 and a hardware store nearby, you, too, can buy a reciprocating saw with enough awesome power to cut through the border wall with Mexico, whether for political purposes or simply to smuggle things across

REALITY TEARHOC star Meghan Edmonds says her marriage to Jim started to fall apart following his texting scandal, after which some of his family and friends “blamed her for Jim’s indiscretions.” Meghan also spilled some of Jim’s tea, adding that he was “drinking and partying” with some of the couple’s babysitters (including the “22-year-old Mormon nanny” with whom he’s rumored to have had an affair)

LAINEY GOSSIPIs Heidi Klum still the costume queen of Halloween, or has social media gotten so many other celebrities to step up that her elaborate costumes no longer stand out?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“David Eason Speaks Out After Jenelle Evans Announces She’s Divorcing Him; Calls Her ‘Stupid’ After It’s Reported She Wants Full Custody of Their Daughter Ensley”

THE BLEMISHHouston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson got kicked in the eye in the middle of a game last week, and it was swollen shut all week, but he played this week and very well at that and after the game he credited his miracle semi-heal to the re-released Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich

GO FUG YOURSELF“Emilia Clarke’s LAST CHRISTMAS Press Tour HAS Been Pretty Good”

DLISTEDThis comment already went viral on Twitter, but it’s worth repeating here: there is absolutely no way this is Kanye in the dinosaur costume, right?

JEZEBEL“Kanye West’s Sunday Service performances have a new wrinkle. Now the roving gospel performance installation is associated with a truly terrible breakfast offering after his performance at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday.”

VIDEO MY 600 LB LIFE Schenee Murry twerks with joy after revealing she doesn’t weigh 800 pounds

Controversial My 600 Lb life star Schenee Murry is back with another round of weight loss claims, and she’s shared a twerking video to try and prove them. Schenee posted the clip in response to gossip that her weight was back around the 800-pound mark — so how much weight did Schenee Murry lose since we last heard from her? The answer, unsurprisingly, depends most of all on your point of view.

EXCLUSIVE MY 600 LB LIFE Joe’s wife Sarah Wexler responds to his divorce story, claims emotional toll & physical altercation

Last week, we broke the news of Joe Wexler’s divorce from his wife Sarah — but Sarah doesn’t think her ex-husband got the story quite right. In this My 600 Lb Life Joe’s wife exclusive, Sarah Wexler tells us she “could only take so much” of Joe’s manipulative ways before “giving up” on their marriage. Sarah also reveals a disturbing physical encounter that left her with what she called “PTSD” and visible bruises.

LINKS Meghan Markle moving, YouTube music explained, Epstein mystery deepens…

CELEBITCHYRumors of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving abroad to escape the British tabloids & endless gossip have intensified to the point where even pro-Meghan outlets are talking about it like it’s a done deal. Apparently they’re considering moving to the US or Canada — which would be interesting from a celebrity / gossip standpoint, but probably wouldn’t solve any of their celebrity / gossip problems?

JEZEBELAlmost all of the music you hear in your preferred videos from your favorite YouTube content creators was written by composers and musicians who never see a penny for their work, proving once again that getting paid in exposure is the same thing as eating air for breakfast

LAINEY GOSSIPJeffrey Epstein’s family hired a forensic pathologist to examine Epstein’s autopsy findings, and that pathologist has concluded Epstein’s injuries “were more consistent with strangulation than with suicide”

REALITY TEA“After 300,43,000 pre-wedding events on Real Housewives Of Dallas the day LeeAnne Locken marries Rich Emberlin has finally arrived. And now the Dallas social scene can breath easy without fear that LeeAnne will be chasing them down, coming to collect on favors she did in 1987 to extort free wedding goods and services”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“EXCLUSIVE! Jon Gosselin Gives Update on Son Collin’s Life: Not Talking to Mom or Siblings; Active in School Activities & More”

DLISTEDSuzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel get weekly peptid injections so they can keep up their twice-a-day sex-making

VOX“The exact scenario California was trying to prevent has happened: A power line has sparked a dangerous wildfire near a densely populated area amid severe fire conditions. The Getty Fire in western Los Angeles has now burned more than 656 acres, forcing evacuations from 7,091 homes since igniting early Monday morning. The blaze was only 15 percent contained as of Wednesday.”

>THE BLAST – It’s a good thing Johnny Depp won an eight-figure settlement from his former lawyers after bringing fraud and other charges against them, since he’ll need the money to pay his current lawyers in his ongoing legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard

THE BLEMISH“Elizabeth Hurley and bikinis, three words that were never sweeter together. At 54, her body is aging 3 times slower than normal. It’s like gravity can’t penetrate a force field around her boobs. They’re ever present in her Instagram feed and as amazing now as they were 25 years ago. She’s also parlayed them into the Austin Powers movies and a swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Life is good for the Brit.”

GO FUG YOURSELFCome for Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding’s Last Christmas red carpet looks; stay for not-so-spoilery spoilers about the movie’s shocking holiday twist

PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life Rena and Lee update: Are they still together?

It’s been a tumultuous year for Rena Kiser and Lee Sutton, but it looks like the two of them are weathering the storm. Several months ago, we broke the story of the couple’s split over Lee’s apparent infidelity; in the latest My 600 Lb Life Rena and Lee update, we can confirm that the Season 6 and Where Are They Now? stars are still together — and are standing strong against fan criticism of their reconciliation.